Reception- The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip

This week we have read the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. The story is a traditional tale in which a farmer plants turnip seeds and grows a very large turnip. He then attempts to pull it out of the ground with lots of difficulty and has to call upon many helpers before the turnip eventually pops out of the ground. The farmer and his wife then invite all the helpers into their home to enjoy some delicious turnip soup! We have also learnt the signs for ‘turnip’, ‘mouse’, ‘man’ and ‘lady’.

We have been working on making our vocabulary grow and using different words that mean the same thing. This week, we have focussed on the word ‘help’ and have learnt that we can also say; support, assist and lend a helping hand.

Please have a look at the Home Learning that has been attached to find some fun activities that link to each area of your child’s learning. We would love to hear from you about your child’s home learning. Please could you email these to us at: .

A few reminders:

  • We are asking for £3 contributions towards buying ingredients for cooking. These can be made via the School Gateway app
  • We are collecting recycled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school.  Please could the items be brought in a bag and labelled, if possible, with the date they are brought in. Thank you