Year 4 – Optimistic October

In Science this week we have been learning more about food chains and food webs. I wonder if you know what a producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, prey, predator and apex predator all are? We had a great discussion about whether humans would always be at the top of the food chain and what would happen to the population of different organisms if one of them disappeared from the food chain. It was also interesting to consider what we eat and how we might be affected by something happening lower down the food chain such as fish after an oil spillage.

Here are some good examples of food webs we made:

In PSHE we have been considering our role in the school community and how many people work hard at Exwick Heights to help us to learn and make sure we are safe and happy at school.

It’s Optimistic October this month and we want to encourage everyone to try these small things every day to focus on the positive and look after our mental health.