Nursery – Handa’s Surprise

Our focus story this week has been ‘Handa’s Surprise’. In the story, a little girl called Handa carries a basket full of different fruits for her friends Akeyo. When Handa arrives however, she is in amazement as her basket is full of tangerines and none of the seven other fruits are left! Perhaps your child can tell you what happened to the other fruits and how the tangerines got there!

In class, we have explored some of the fruits from the story. We looked at and described them before using our cutting skills to chop them up and taste them. Some we really enjoyed, some we have tried before and others were new to us. In our water tray, we have had containers to explore capacity as well as some sliced lemons, limes, orange, and more which gave the water a lovely citrus smell.

We have been thinking about our rights this week and how we all have the right to play and be happy. We played some circle time games such as ‘fruit salad’ and ‘jailer and the thief’, which we really enjoyed and had to use our listening skills. We talked about how playing games makes us feel and decided that it wouldn’t be much fun if we weren’t allowed to play!

The story gave use lots of opportunities to use our narrative skills – with our focus on the ‘who’. We were good at remembering ‘who’ took each fruit from Handa’s basket when the animals were hidden. We have also been comparing quantities (more/fewer), we have been looking at fruits hanging from trees and comparing which tree has the most fruits. We were very successful and have done some brilliant counting too.