Reception- Handa’s Surprise

Our focus story this week has been ‘Handa’s Surprise’ where a little girl goes on a journey to meet her friend carrying a large basket full of tropical fruits. There is a twist however, and Handa’s friend, Akeyo, is presented with the basket containing a surprise! Perhaps your children can explain what happened!  We have also learnt the signs for ‘monkey’, ‘giraffe’, ‘elephant’ and ‘fruit’.

We have continued to practise using the words; happy, jolly, joyous, delighted, content and jovial.

In Phonics, we have learnt the phonemes ck, e, u and r. We have also practised writing the graphemes during our handwriting sessions. For Maths, we have been creating repeating patterns using our bodies, instruments, objects and cubes. 

Please have a look at the Home Learning that has been attached to find some fun activities that link to each area of your child’s learning. We would love to hear from you about your child’s home learning. Please could you email these to us at:

We are collecting recyled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school.  Please could the items be brought in a bag. Thank you