School Aims, Ethos and Vision

 School Vision

Staff at Exwick Heights Primary School encourage everyone to give of their best, to be independent and lifelong learners, and to be proud of their own and others’ achievements.’

We have a high regard for the development of children’s social, moral and spiritual education. This is visible through the caring ethos which we display.

The aims and ethos of the school are:


To encourage and enable children to achieve their academic, emotional, social and physical potential.


To ensure that all children have access to and engage in a balanced and stimulating curriculum.


To foster self-discipline and a responsible attitude towards both their behaviour and their work.

To promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


To provide a happy and secure environment where children can develop and are valued; grow into caring, well-balanced individuals with high self-esteem.


To promote partnerships between school, parents and the wider community.


Mission Statement

The Governors and staff are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest possible academic standards; to this end the standards of the school will be upheld, and parental support is expected.

We expect to achieve and maintain academic standards by:

  • Putting standards at the heart of all planning
  • Measuring progress through assessment and setting further targets for improvement
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of teaching
  • Being completely open in thinking, discussing and consulting
  • Continuous Evaluation