Discipline aims to be firm, fair and friendly. Much emphasis is put on a positive approach. Teachers’ praise, certificates, stickers and assemblies all help to reinforce this. Good manners and respect for others are seen as the essential basis for school community relationships.

  • Children have a right to learn free from disruption and interruption from others. They have a responsibility to behave well in class.
  • Teachers have a right to teach free from disruption and interruption. They have a responsibility to play their part in maintaining a school ethos which promotes good behaviour and learning. To achieve this, it is essential that all staff are treated with respect by the children.

We operate a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy regarding behaviour in and out of school. Behaviour is an on-going priority for our school with good behaviour being the norm.


All the staff follow a comprehensive behaviour policy and there is a range of intervention programmes in place which support behaviour across the school.


The staff are very pleased with the progress in this area and feel very strongly about the damaging effect, both academically and socially, that poor behaviour can have on everyone.

The Golden Rules

The children agreed their new Golden Rules together over a period of time. The rules are referred to frequently during assemblies, circle time, PSHE and as necessary. The Golden Rules’ support social, moral and spiritual education.

Be honest and truthful

Be proud of yourself and your behaviour

Be kind and helpful towards others

Be polite and well-mannered towards everyone

Be well prepared and always do your best

Look after your school