Reception – Spring Week 5

This week we have enjoyed reading lots of stories about minibeasts. One of the stories was ‘Superworm’ written by Julia Donaldson. Superworm can fish Spider out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm’s rescue, when he’s captured by a wicked Wizard Lizard? Luckily, all of Superworm’s insect friends have a cunning plan…

  • In our letters and sounds we have learnt the trigraph (three letters making one sound) ‘air’ (chair in the air) and the digraph (two letters making one sound) ‘er’ (a bigger digger). We have been spelling a variety of words, including tricky words (are, sure, pure) and reading sentences.
  • In maths we explored ways to represent numbers using the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern). The children learnt about the pairs of numbers that make 5, and then used double dice frames to begin to explore 6 and 7 as numbers that are composed of ‘5 and a bit’.
  • On Thursday afternoon all the reception children had an exciting video call from another reception class at Marine Academy Primary school. We got to share what we have learnt about mini beasts through songs, detailed drawings and fun facts. Marine Academy were very impressed and gave us a big round of applause!

Have a great weekend – the Foundation Stage Team ?

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