Year 2 Google Classroom Login Instructions

For your child to log into Google classroom from home they will need their emoji password provided by their teacher and an electronic device that can browse the internet.

Students need to sign into Wonde using their emoji password. This will let them log into the displayed application without needing an additional username and password ( in most cases)

Wonde :

From here they can click on the icon for the application they want (for google classrooms please click on the Classroom icon).

It will then open a tab logging them into the website so they can use it.

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Week two and three – busy, busy, busy!

We have really enjoyed studying prehistoric cave paintings in Art – we have explored pencil and charcoal to create simple, bold outlines and have used earthy colours to enhance our cave drawings and make them look more authentic. Here are some amazing examples…

In Science, we have continued to look at skeletons. Did you know, there are two main types of skeleton? Exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Creatures like slugs and jellyfish have what is known as a ‘hydrostatic skeleton’, which is a fluid-filled sack that holds them up! We have tried to classify different creatures and really enjoyed trying to add our own knowledge…

History has transported us right back in time to prehistoric Britain. We are learning abut the people and animals that lived at that time and how they survived. Woolly Mammoths were a vital part of the life of prehistoric man as they were used for many things after they had been hunted. Take a look at the photos below to see our work on this.

Place Value is our learning in Maths. We have looked at different ways to make 3-digit numbers, by moving the ones, tens and hundreds around. It was great fun working in a group to see if we could find all the possibilities.

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Year 6 Newsletter 28/09/2023

Where can we possibly begin! Our marvellous Year 6 pupils have been utterly amazing over the past few weeks! We have had a jam-packed start! In English, we have been looking at the text,  HERSTORY, looking at stories of inspirational women throughout history. We have been having so many brilliant discussions about the Lionness’ triump in the Euros and the World Cup! In Science, we have been learning about Electricity and will be create our own circuits. In ART, we have been studying photography. We have been taking our own macro-photographs and using digital editing for effect to create album covers. Next week, we will be looking at frame and scale to recreate our own photograph of famous paintings! Below are some of our recent photographs, taking by our marvellous pupils!

Our class book is a detective mystery this half term. Pupils are loving our ‘investigation board’ filled with clues, maps and our suspect list.. Ask your children for their theories; we definitely have some detectives in the making!

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Mrs Gwilt and Mrs Gamper-Clarke

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Them bones, them bones, them dry bones!

This week we have made a start on our curriculum timetable, French is pushing to the front as the favourite subject so far! We have learned how to greet people and ask how they are. Lots of fun games and songs mean that we remember what we are learning!


Art assessments have been completed – the children drawing their annual portraits and comparing them with past years, here are some examples for you… There is definitely lots of improvement in detail added and careful observation.

Also, take a look at the posters these children have created in Science. We are learning all about skeletons this half term! Why do we have bones? What are they for? What are they called? These are just some of the questions that will be answered.

The children have also been given their Home Learning books and spellings that they need to learn – spelling tests are on a Friday and the children can practice on Spelling Shed.

Our displays about our class names are looking good and the children have really enjoyed learning about inspirational people.

Grimwood, our class book, is going down very well. Everyday, the children are excited to settle down and listen to the next installment.

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Welcome Year 1

Hello year 1 families!

Class Anning and Earhart have had a busy few days getting to know their new classes and settle into the routines of year 1. We have been learning all about the amazing women who our classes are named after.

Mary Anning never gave up and showed determination to discover lots of new fossils.

Amelia Earhart never gave up and worked hard to achieve her dream of flying across the Atlantic.

This week we started both phonics and Maths. We have been busy recapping phase 3 sounds and learning how to group and sort numbers.

The team are busy assessing the children for phonics and reading so please bear with us for reading books. We are hoping to send a reading book home for your child by the end of next week.

PE days will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has a full kit which is to be left in school. The PE kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts/skort/leggings and trainers for outside PE.

Any questions please ask Miss Prentice or Mrs Worthington.

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Reception week beginning 11th September

We have had a wonderful, full and busy week in the Early Years.

In Phonics, we have started learning the sounds: s,a,t and p. In Mathematics, the children have shown their amazing skills at subitising amounts to 3 and showing the amounts on their fingers.

During our Art session, we have been learning how to use wax crayons and have explored making thin, thick, straight and curved marks onto paper. The children really enjoyed their music session where they used their voices to make a variety of sounds such as high and low.

A few reminders:

  • Please could you check that your child’s uniform, drink bottles and any bags are named.
  • The junk modelling station is really popular and we would be very grateful for any donations of recyclable material that you may have at home. Due to allergies, we ask that no products that contained nuts come into school.
  • We are approaching that time of year where we all have lots of sniffles. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate a donation of a box of tissues.

Thank you!

Have a great weekend – The Foundation Stage Team  

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Welcome back year 4!

It has been so lovely to welcome our year 4 children back to school. The children have settled brilliantly into their new classes and have enjoyed making new friends. This week, the children have been introduced to exciting new topics such as Prehistoric Britain in history and animals in French. In maths, we have been recapping our place value knowledge, ready for the year ahead. In English, we have been enjoying a range of texts and have worked on writing fantastic sentences.

In art, the children have been working on portraits and have used careful sketching and shading to draw portrait’s of the inspirational person for their class. Take a look at some of these amazing examples.

In PSHE, the children have been learning about British values of democracy, tolerance, liberty, respect and rule of law. They have used their hands as a template to create a beautiful image to represent these values.

We have had a wonderful first full week in year 4! Here are some useful reminders for the year ahead:

  • Please can all PE kit and school uniform have your child’s name in
  • Reading journals will be checked on Mondays
  • Please hand in home learning on Thursdays
  • Spellings will be tested on Fridays
  • Remember to use SPARX regularly to learn your times tables
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Welcome to Reception

We would like to say a big warm welcome to our families and children that have started their reception year this week. We hope that you all had a great summer holiday.

We have had a lovely few days getting to know one another and making new friends. The children have spent lots of time familiarising themselves with our learning environment and are now feeling much more confident in navigating their way around.

When we begin our home learning next week, this is where you will find it, attached to the end of our reception blog post.

A few reminders:

  • Please could you check that your child’s uniform, drink bottles and any bags are named.
  • We are approaching that time of year where we all have lots of sniffles. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate a donation of a box of tissues.

Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend – The Foundation Stage Team  

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A great start to Year 3!

It has been lovely to welcome back the children and to see their smiling faces and hear all about their summers holidays.

The Year 3 team has been really impressed with how quickly the children have settled back into the school routine (especially in the heat- typical back to school weather!!). Our new headteacher Mrs Wills has popped in to meet the children and led an assembly about our new class names . Each class is named after an outstanding person who has overcome challenges to reach their dreams. In year 3, each class is named after a famous author.

The children have enjoyed learning about their author and should be able to tell you lots of facts about them!


Just a few things to remember for this term:

  1. PE kits to be in school
  2. Remember to read 3/4 times a week and hand in reading journals on Mondays to get your READ TO SUCCEED ticket.
  3. Home learning is set and checked on Thursdays
  4. Spellings tests on Fridays
  5. Try to use SPARX and SPELLING SHED at home.
  6. Remember to email admin if you have any questions or come and chat to us after school
  7. Remember to send in home learning and photos by email- we love to see the excellent wotk you do at home
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