Year 6 Newsletter 23/09/22

We have had yet another brilliant week with our super Year 6 children! In PE, they have been enjoying gymnastics. So far, we have looked about travels, jumps and rolls and how to make these graceful and elegant. We have also continued our Science topic in which we are looking at Carl Linnaeus and his classification system. A highlight has been our study of the social impact of the Industrial Revolution where we looked at the creation of the police force – the ‘bobbies’ – who tackled rising crime rates, as well as health ramifications such as the rise of cholera.

Photo Permissions

We would love to share lots of photos of your children at school on the blog. Could we kindly ask you to ensure that you have completed the online form to give permission for your child to appear on the blog.

Harry Potter Writing

This week we have been continuing to explore our text: Harry Potter. Over the last few days, we have begun to write our own version of Chapter 1. Children have been working hard to uplevel their vocabulary looking at using interesting and powerful verbs and adverbs whilst also looking at sentence structure.

This is a small selection of the superb first drafts that we’ve had this week!

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Mr Tanner

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Nursery: week 3

Wow!  This week seems to have flown by!

The children have been taking part in lots of different independent and adult-led activities, which have provided them with plenty of lovely opportunities to:

  • Continue to develop their listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment; this week, the children have also tried hard to remember the sounds they hear.  For example, Mrs Saunders had a box of noisy objects, which they listened to; they then had to try and work out what objects were making the sounds.  Then on Thursday, Mrs Maloney led an activity where the children had to describe a farmyard animal (without saying its name); the rest of the group then had to find the animal being described (- communication, language & literacy).
  • Enjoy listening to stories, including ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke – a lovely story about a family’s celebration and love for each other, captured through beautiful illustrations and a great text, which has a wonderful sing-song rhythm when read aloud (- communication, language & literacy).
  • Sort collections of objects that are the same – for this we have mainly sorted objects by colour; for example, the children sorted an assortment of buttons by colour, with Mrs Satterly (– mathematics).
  • Continue to develop their fine motor control; for example, with Mrs Edworthy’s support, the children practised throwing a bean bag into a hoop, from a distance, whilst kneeling on one knee! (- physical development).
  • Develop their spatial awareness – specifically, the children have been learning how to find a ‘good’ space in the hall, and in that space, create small and large body shapes, with Miss Mills and Miss Bradbury.  They have also been travelling over, under and through a variety of objects, in response to the story ‘Bears in the Night’ (– physical development).

Next week, the children will have their first nursery library session, when they will have an opportunity to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you. 

  • Please look out for an information leaflet that will include details about when your child’s library session will be and when their book needs to be returned; we will send this information home with your child’s first library book. 
  • If your child has a book bag, please ensure it is brought into school on their first nursery session next week.

Also, if you are able to contribute a box of tissues, we would be most grateful, as at this time of year we get through a lot!

Wishing all our nursery families a lovely weekend,

From the Nursery Team 😊

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Year 2 Awesome Orienteering

This week, we have been continuing to work on our understanding of tens and ones. We have also been thinking about how we can represent the digits in words and by using a range of equipment.

In writing, we have been looking at some of the verbs used in Duckie’s Rainbow and have remembered our ‘ed’ endings for them. We have also used prepositions as we have been on a journey round the playground. We have been round the car track, over the bridge and on top of the mushrooms.

PE has been great fun. We have started learning some orienteering skills. The children have to look carefully at the key so that they can choose the correct equipment. Then they work as a team to place the equipment to match the map. They have really impressed us with their skills so far and they are loving the challenge!

We have also been learning about ways to keep ourselves healthy and the children have made their own 10-A-Day passports to remind themselves.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team.

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A busy week for Year 5…

We voted PE as our favourite lesson of the week. In orienteering, we had to try and match the symbols to the correct description – at first, we didn’t realise how important it was to use the key, but quickly learnt from our mistakes when the competition got going! In gymnastics, we learnt about combining jumps and rolls to make a fluid sequence of moves. To help us travel along different levels, we used wedges, boxes and benches to help make our routine as exciting and gymnastic as possible. Next week, we are looking forward to planning and writing our final pieces for our suspense narrative unit. We have used the music video to ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta and Sia to help us structure our writing. You can follow the link to watch the video at home:


We have enjoyed this week, including doing Maths and learning the place value of numbers up to 1,000,000. In English, we have written paragraphs, many of which used show, not tell. In French, we found out how to ask and answer ‘How long are you staying on holiday?’. In art, we drew our houses from memory. In Reading, we read all about Ancient Egypt. Our favourite fact was finding out that they had a god called Hapi, who they believed controlled how much water was in the River Nile. This was important as they relied on it for their crops.

Wilf & Oliver, 5LS

This week we got to finish our flower drawings to create our very own pop-up garden in the classroom window. We really like all of the bright colours and different designs. In English, we have been studying the ‘Titanium’ video to help us with our suspense narrative writing. We have written paragraphs that have included lots of features to build suspense. One of the features was show, not tell. For example, if the character was feeling scared, then we could show the reader by saying ‘his heart was pounding’. We have also had fun in Science this week, where we took part in an investigation to test different materials to find out which one was the best thermal insulator. The bubble wrap was the best because it kept the potato warm for the longest. A good thermal insulator doesn’t let heat pass through it easily.

Skye and Archie, 5MW

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Reception Week 3 – So Much

Our focus story for the week has been the ever popular ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke. In the story mum and the baby are waiting at home to surprise daddy for his birthday – other members of the family arrive one by one and they can’t wait to play with the baby. The family then have a wonderful time celebrating daddy’s birthday. We learnt the Makaton signs ‘baby’, ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. Perhaps your children could show you these signs?

  • We have continued with our letters and sounds programme we began last week – we have been learning the phonemes for the letters (i,n,m,d) to add to the four we learnt last week (s,a,t,p). Please see the attached grapheme information sheet to support your child’s learning at home.
  • During maths we have been matching and sorting this week. We began the week playing dominoes, where we were brilliant at matching the pictures, before moving on to more sorting of objects by colour, size and shape.
  • As part of our carpet times we have been thinking and talking about sharing in school. We listened to a story all about a duck who didn’t want to share his oats! We decided that sharing with the other ducks would be the right choice and we practised sharing our toys in class.
  • For our expressive art and design we have been exploring different forms of mark making, in particular this week we have been making wax rubbings with crayons and a range of objects. The children really enjoyed using leaves, feathers, and materials of different textures to make some wonderful creations.

Please have a look at the home learning that has been attached to find some fun activities to do at home. It links to our story of the week which will be ‘Hoot Owl Master of Disguise’.

Have a fantastic week! 😊

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Year 1 – 22nd September 2022

Year 1 have had a great week this week!

It was our first homework week and thank you for sending in your books today! There were some really interesting pieces of work that were shared with the classes.

Maths this week was looking at counting on, up to 10, and numbers in words (also up to 10). Some words were tricking us, like writing eight but we will keep practising.

We learnt about English landmarks this week in Humanities. We had great fun building different ones. Tell your grown up what you remember.

We were lucky to have our first visitor today. They came and talked to us about what it means to belong to a community and shared artifacts from the Christian community. The children were very interested.

Art was great fun. This half term we are looking at using different lines to make pictures. Today we used string to make horizontal/vertical/diagonal/wavy/crosshatch lines then copied our ideas onto a sheet. Then we were able to choose our favourite and use chalk to copy it. Great fun!

Have a great weekend and remember to keep reading.

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A special visitor!

On Thursday, Year 3/4 were very excited to welcome special visitor PC Ben Davis from the Devon and Cornwall police to our school. Ben visited each of our 3/4 classrooms throughout the day to talk to the children about what the police do and to teach them about how to stay safe near roads as well as online. The children prepared lots of super questions for Ben, including:

– What inspired you to be a police officer? – Have you ever arrested anyone?
– Is your job hard sometimes?             – How long have you been in the police?
– Do you like doughnuts?!                                                            

 The children thoroughly enjoyed asking these questions and learned lots about what it is like to be a police officer.

After asking lots of questions, each class was lucky enough to have a close up look at a real police car and some police equipment. We had lots of fun trying on different hats and seeing the flashing blue lights! To finish the day, we enjoyed different police themed activities back in the classroom and discussed our favourite bits of the visit.

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Nursery – week 2

The nursery children have had a fantastic and very busy week! They have continued to enjoy opportunities to explore the nursery, as well as the wider setting and are settling into routines really well. 

Each day, in addition to their free flow, independent learning time, the children have been getting fully involved in small group activities, which have focused on different areas of learning.  These activities have provided lots of opportunities to:

  • Develop their listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment; for example, they enjoyed going on a listening walk with Mrs Edworthy (- communication, language & literacy)
  • Focus on walking in different directions and to a variety of speeds; for example, on Tuesday they focused on walking backwards with Mrs Maloney, whilst looking over their shoulder! It was a tricky thing to do, but they did brilliantly! (- physical development: gross motor)
  • Develop their fine motor control; for example, using their hands to feel an object in a feely bag and name it without looking, with Mrs Satterly (- physical development: fine motor)
  • Find and match objects that are the same; for example, the children went on a bear hunt to find matching bears with Miss Mills (- mathematics)
  • Explore making marks on paper using wax crayons with Mrs Saunders (- physical development and art)
  • Listen to the story of the week, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The children enjoyed listening to the different character voices and joining in with the repeated phrases, with Miss Bradbury (- communication, language & literacy).

Thinking ahead to next week, we have lots of lovely things planned for our learning but in the meantime, we – the nursery team – wish all our families a lovely weekend.

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Our first full week!

We have had a very busy week with our learning.

In English we have been learning the story of Duckie’s Rainbow. The children have loved learning the story and thinking of actions to go with the text. I wonder if they can remember them and tell you the story at home?

In maths, we have been looking at the value of numbers, thinking about how many tens we can see, how many ones we can see and what they make together. We used different equipment in the classroom to represent the numbers including numicon, dienes, tens frames and bead strings.

Amongst other things, we have also enjoyed art, PSHE and have had lots of discussion about internet safety as part of our computing. We talked in depth about SMART rules (Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable, Tell) and the importance of talking to trusted grown-ups about any worries when using the internet.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday – The Year 2 Team.

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What a busy first week in Year 1!

Welcome to the Year 1 blog! Firstly we want to say a big thank you to all the children as they have settled into their new classes both quickly and positively.

It has been a very busy first week. We started reminding ourselves about the school rules and why we needed to follow them. In maths we have been sorting and grouping objects, followed by counting on from different numbers up to 10.

In Science this half term we are looking at ‘Seasonal changes’. We have drawn what we already know about the seasons. Some children have already noticed some of the changes from Summer to Autumn happening.

Geography this half term is all about the UK. We have labelled maps of the UK, including capital cities. The children also enjoyed making flags for each of the UK countries.

Portraits were completed in Art this week. The children studied their faces closely and, using lines to help them, carefully drew themselves.

As you can see, it has been a busy week and some of your children may be quite tired. Early nights and cuddles may be needed!

For home learning and any messages, have a look at the home learning blog this week.

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