Year 2/3/4 Children Entertain at the Exwick Jubilee Fete!

We had a wonderful time ‘on tour’ on Saturday June 4th, singing at the Jubilee Fete in the Exwick Parish Hall. The children turned out in force to delight their audience with a rendition of the National Anthem and ‘It’s Our Dear Old Queen’…. a unique song for EHPS with lyrics written specially for the occasion! Thanks to all of you for coming and singing so enthusiastically and to the parents for bringing you along in half term and supporting just as enthusiastically! How wonderful to be able to involve the children in live music again after so long! Here’s to many more community events, concerts and sing-alongs now we can gather in one place and sing altogether again.

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Queen’s Portraits

A big thankyou to everyone who sent in their portraits. They were all amazing and showed great artistic flair! We have loved sharing your work and here are just a few examples. We really are a talented bunch at Exwick Heights. These would definitely get the royal seal of approval! Well done everyone and have a fab half term.

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Year 2 Enjoy Digit Day!

We had a great time today dressing up for digits and enjoying lots of number themed activities. These included playing the game ’21’ in a circle (great fun on a long car journey!), running number races, trying to turn ourselves into different digits by using our bodies, playing maths board games and talking about how and why numbers are important. Well done everyone!

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