Year 2 Google Classroom Login Instructions

For your child to log into Google classroom from home they will need their emoji password provided by their teacher and an electronic device that can browse the internet.

Students need to sign into Wonde using their emoji password. This will let them log into the displayed application without needing an additional username and password ( in most cases)

Wonde :

From here they can click on the icon for the application they want (for google classrooms please click on the Classroom icon).

It will then open a tab logging them into the website so they can use it.

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Years 2-5 Wowed by the Royal Marine Band!

We had a HUGE treat this morning, when a group of performers from the Royal Marine Band based at Lympstone came to entertain us. We listened to the sound each instrument made in turn (tuba, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, drum kit) and were treated to a range of popular songs, including Reach for the Stars (the ‘older generation’ teachers enjoyed that one!!) and Sweet Caroline. Some of the children even got to join in on a range of percussion instruments! It was a wonderful, truly inspirational morning – the sound that the band make are incredible. We all loved it.

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Year 2 Talent Show

We had a great time this afternoon enjoying our first ever school talent show! There were lots of different entries from all three classes. We enjoyed football skills, gymnastics, songs, dances, flute and clarinet trios, the saxophone, magic tricks, beat-boxing, drumming, drawing, jokes and even some riddles. Well done everyone!

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Year 2 Say ‘Farewell’ to Mrs Neal!

Year 2 have been busy bees this week, preparing a special leaving song for Mrs Neal. We have been quietly rehearsing in secret, perfecting the words and the actions, and finally got chance to perform our masterpiece on Monday in the achievement assembly. Mrs Neal was delighted with our song and said that she was very touched and that it made her feel emotional about leaving. Kevin in Class 2JM decorated a copy of the words that we presented to her. Here is the song – and a video of us preparing for our special performance on Friday! Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Neal!

(To the tune of ‘If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!)

  1. Goodbye to Mrs Neal, Bon Voyage

           Goodbye to Mrs Neal, Bon Voyage

           Goodbye to Mrs Neal – how sad do we all feel?!

           Goodbye to Mrs Neal, Bon Voyage

2) She’s off to lead a school in the sun

She’s off to lead a school in the sun

She’s off to lead a school – we hope that there’s a pool!

She’s off to lead a school in the sun

3) Mrs Neal has been headteacher for so long

Mrs Neal has been headteacher for so long

Mrs Neal our head, has a different school instead

Mrs Neal has been headteacher for so long

4) We will miss her every day and wish her well

We will miss her every day and wish her well

     We will miss her every day, please come back    sometime to play                 

  We will miss her every day and wish her well

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Year 2 have a great time at the zoo!

Year 2 loved their time at the zoo on Wednesday! We saw tigers, monkeys, lemurs, meerkats, a giant tortoise, a gorilla, a huge owl, the giraffes, the zebras and the baboons…..amongst others things! We managed to dodge the rain showers for the majority of the day, enjoyed eating our picnics in different places around the zoo and were lucky enough to see the lions prowling around, whilst keeper Matt talked to us about how they hunt for their food in the wild. It was a great day out for everyone!

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Year 5 and Year 2 Sharing Success!

We love to celebrate our achievements here at EHPS! 5GT and 2JM got together this morning to share the wonderful things that we have been up to! The Year 2 children loved reading the older children their ‘Bubbles’ writing, from our recent visual literacy unit, and Year 5 made us all smile by showing us their fabulous hand-made toys – the final outcome from this term’s DT project! Well done all – what a lovely way to start the day!

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Year 1 Enjoy a Violin Showcase!

Year 1 were treated to an afternoon of music making on Tuesday, when our violin teacher Mrs Bull came to visit, along with Mrs Mabin and some older pupils from across the school in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively! The visiting children are all learning the violin with Mrs Bull and had come to give us a little concert! They played various songs that they had been learning during the year and talked to us about what it is like to play an instrument. Mrs Bull answered our questions about the violin and Mrs Bull and Mrs Mabin even played a duet! We had a lovely time and really enjoyed hearing some live music. If you would be interested in your child learning the violin, or another instrument (we offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone and from September, singing), look out for the letter on MCAS which lists the contact details for each of our instrumental teachers. If they have space, they are happy to teach pupils from Year 2 upwards. Feel free to get in touch with the individual teachers if you would like to know more. It would be lovey to get some new instrumentalists up and running in September.

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Great team work and sporting fun in Year 2!

We had a fabulous time at our Sport’s Day on Tuesday. The children threw themselves into all the activities and the class relay races in particular were hotly contested! Well done to 2SM who were the overall winners on the day . ALL the children were champions in our eyes. Everyone worked super hard , tried their absolute best at everything and supported their class mates wonderfully. There were so many smiles – it was lovely to see. Well done Year 2!

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Year 2 learning w/b 19.6.23

This week we’ve been really busy! The children have done some lovely writing on a short film called ‘bubbles’ and have used some brilliant adjectives in their work.

In maths, we have been using the scales and weighing things in grams and kilograms. Your children might be looking in the kitchen cupboards to find the different weights of food items but we’ve told them to check first!

In science, we’ve learned about food chains and the children ordered some different food chains before making their own.

A real highlight this week has been the final production of the pockets that we’ve designed and made. The children have loved planning and making these, and as you can see, the designs were colourful and imaginative.

2MO’s pockets

2JM’s pockets

2SM’s pockets

We hope you have a great weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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