Being Scientists in Year 2!

We have been very busy in our science sessions this half term, learning all about the properties of different materials. Last week, we investigated the absorbency of items such as a sponge, paper towel kitchen towel, jay cloth and a piece of tin foil! We had to measure the water carefully and think about how we could ensure that our tests were fair. I don’t think that any of us will be using a piece of tin foil to mop up spillages in the future! In other news, we are really enjoying learning about the Wright Brothers and the history of flight in our topic sessions. We have also been finding out about the Information Technology that is all around us in computing. We are looking forward to chatting with you all next week, either in person or over the phone, for the Autumn parents’ meetings.

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Year 2 take flight learning about the Wright Brothers!

We’ve had a super-busy few weeks in Year 2! The children have been busy getting to know their new environment and different routines and we have been delighted with the way in which they have settled in and embraced their learning. We are learning about the history of flight in our topic sessions and last week enjoyed hearing about the story of Icarus from Ancient Greece, who made himself some wings and tried to fly like a bird. We all decorated a feather and thought about how it would feel to fly (being careful not to get too close to the sun, of course!). This week, we have been finding out about the Wright Brothers and the first ever powered flight, which took place in Kitty Hawk in America in December 1903. We measured out 36m (the distance the first plane travelled) and launched ourselves along a ‘runway’, just like Wilbur and Orville Wright!

In other news, we have been enjoying our Science, exploring different materials and their uses around the school, have made up some great class stories based on Duckie’s Rainbow and have been investigating place value in Maths. Many thanks for sending in such lovely home learning. We have really enjoyed looking at it all.

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