Year 2 Parents Enjoy a Ukulele Workshop!

We had a fabulous time this morning when a large group of Year 2 parents came to join their children for a Ukulele workshop. The adults joined in wonderfully and it was lovely to see everyone playing together and experiencing the joy and delight of ensemble playing. Mrs Slaven, the headteacher at St Leonard’s Primary School, kindly lent us 20 of her ukuleles, so along with the ones that Exwick Heights already own, there was just about enough for one each, parents and children. We covered holding the ukes, basic strumming technique, the names of the strings and learnt to play a chord of C…. whilst singing at the same time! Impressive stuff! The session ended with a final performance of all that we had learnt. The children and I certainly had a fabulous time – we hope that the adults enjoyed it as well. Thank you for coming and for taking part with such enthusiasm and gusto!

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Year 2 learning w/b 13/3/23

In Maths, we are learning about fractions. Children have been finding halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and amounts. We wonder if your child can explain the difference in the fractions to you?

We have been thinking about what will happen to seeds if we plant them upside down. So that we can see the seeds germinate, we have put them in plastic wallets on the windows.

There is a special surprise to come home today which the children have been working hard on in writing. We have been using subordinate conjunctions in our writing.

Have a fantastic weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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Year 2 Learning w/b 27.2.23

This week the children have visited the Mosque as part of their work on the Muslim faith in RE. The children were fantastic on the coach and listened well in the Prayer Hall. They learned about how many Muslims attend Friday prayer in the Mosque in Exeter, how Muslims wash before prayer and saw the Mihrab which shows the direction of Mecca. We also saw the dome and found out that before technology, that the dome helped the sound carry inside the Mosque. Many Mosques like Exeter, still have domes as they are traditional. The children also got the opportunity to sketch patterns and objects inside the Prayer Hall.

We have loved the excitement today of World Book Day. The outfits have been amazing and we will post pictures of this next week. We started the day with a parade of all the outfits in Year 2. The children have also done a selection of book activities. Your child will bring home a World Book Day voucher today which can be used to get a ‘free’ book (see or can be used to get a £1 off a full price book. Enjoy spending them!

Have a super weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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Year 2 Learning w/b 20.2.23

It has been a hectic first week back. In writing, we have been working hard on our best handwriting so that we could produce a beautiful copy of our rainbow poems.

In art, we’ve made some colourful collages which have been really fun to make. The children have worked really hard on this and have loved it!

Our next science topic is plants. On Monday afternoon, we made the most of the warm weather and went round the school grounds looking at plants, trees and signs of Spring.

Have a great weekend from the Year 2 team.

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Year 2 Learning w/b 6.2.23

We are all ready for half term after another busy week. In maths, we have been thinking about multiplication and making ‘lots of’ or groups of numbers. We have also looked at making groups and dividing numbers using classroom resources.

In writing, we have been writing ‘Rainbow’ poems which we will share with you after half term.

We are sure you will love the prayer mat designs that we have been creating as part of our RE learning.

We hope that you enjoy a relaxing half term break and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 20th of February.

The Year 2 Team

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Year 2 Learning W/B 23.1.23

We’ve had another busy week in Year 2.

In maths, we’ve started our learning about multiplication and division. We have been learning about equal and unequal groups and have had a go at making them.

In writing, the children have been writing their own stories based on Augustus and his Smile. They have been remembering punctuation, expanded noun phrases and are developing their handwriting too. Below are a few extracts to enjoy.

In art, the children have enjoyed painting; experiencing colour mixing and experimenting with creating texture.

We hope you have a super weekend from the Year 2 team.

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Year 2 Learning w/c 16th January

In writing this week, we have been writing our class stories based on Augustus and his Smile. We changed the story and wrote about a lion who lost their roar. The children are also working hard on their handwriting which we are currently learning. We are also working on remembering our punctuation as well as using expanded noun phrases!

In maths, we have been working out amounts of money using notes and coins. We are also making the same amount using different combinations of coins. I wonder if your child can show you different coin combinations to make the same amount at home?

In science, we have been thinking about how some materials can be changed by being squashed, twisted, bent or stretched. The children experiemented and showed this using playdough. Can you find anything at home that can be squashed, twisted etc?

We hope you have a great weekend – The Year 2 team.

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Money and Ukuleles in Year 2

This week in our Maths sessions we have been learning all about money! We have been naming coins and notes and learning to make different amounts of money in different ways. We were all very excited to start learning the Ukulele on Friday morning! We talked about how it was the same and different to the guitar and had a go at playing, learning the names of the four strings and even playing all together in a class band! Great fun! Today we have also enjoyed making ‘happy posters’, at the request of St David’s Station! They are hoping to brighten up the station next week to encourage people to think positively on ‘Blue Monday’ and asked us to help! This was a great activity to encourage us to be mindful and to think about makes us happy as well. Reading Journals in on Monday please! Have a happy (if a little soggy, looking at the weather forecast!) weekend.

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Year 2 Welcome in 2023!

We’ve had a lovely few days settling back into Year 2. The children (and teachers!) have all made resolutions and we have talked about things that we want to work on and improve both at home and at school. We have finished off our Geography continents topic by learning all about Antarctica, revisited addition and subtraction in Maths and have learnt all about colour mixing in art, creating some beautiful ‘Winter Sky’ pictures. Happy New Year from the Year 2 team!

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