Year 2 Have an Exciting Week!

We have been busy in Year 2 this week! On Wednesday, we enjoyed an hour of cricket from a special cricket coach! We played some great warm-up games, had a go at bowling AND batting and even learnt all about the role of a wicket keeper! On Thursday, we went out and about on our walking trip down to the River Exe. The weather (for once!!) was perfect! Beautiful blue skies, not TOO hot (until the walk back up the hill at the end!) and a slight breeze. On Wednesday afternoon, before our trip, we spend time looking at the local area on a map and plotting our routes – we also learnt about local landmarks. It was great fun, as we set off down towards the river, to see the map really come to life. We passed the black and white house and the church then walked along the bottom path next to the flood relief. When we reached Miller’s Crossing, we stood on the bridge to see where the river meets with the flood relief – and talked about the human and physical geographical features that we could spot. A little snack and a drink down on the steps by the river followed, before heading off back to school, under the railway bridge and next to the Sport’s Pavilion. On our return, we drew our own maps of the route, including a key! Many thanks to the parent volunteers who came along to help us. We all had a lovely time.

Please can we remind everyone that hats, water bottles and PE kits MUST be in school every day this term. Sun cream should be applied before the children come to school.

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Year 2 Learning blog W/B 15.5.23

We have been very busy this week doing our quizzes and the children have been fantastic. We’ve also enjoying finishing the Angelica Sprockett’s Pockets book and we’ve been making a class version as well as thinking about what we might find in our pockets.

In geography, we have used our knowledge of the continents to find where Kenya is. We’ve learned about what life is like in Kenya and compared it to the UK.

In RE, we’ve had a go at answering the question ‘What good news does Jesus bring?’ as well as recap all of our RE knowledge from the year to think about what we might find in different places of worship.

We hope you have a great weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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King Charles Art

We hope you all enjoyed the recent Coronation Celebrations! Thank you all so much for having a go at creating portraits of the new King.

Children and adults submitted some excellent pieces which would definitely get the royal seal of approval! Here are just a few examples. We will be creating a gallery display in the foyer at school too. Well done everyone!

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Year 2 Celebrate the Coronation in Style!

All the fun was had last Friday, as we prepared for the coronation of King Charles the Third. The Year 2 children learnt and performed both the national anthem and a brand new song, firstly in Early Years alongside Year 1, and then later in the day on the main site for the older children in the school. We were also in demand for our country dancing skills! We had great fun learning a dance earlier in the week and then performed it several times to groups of different children, in and out of the rain storms! Other activities during the day included designing and hanging our own bunting, making crowns, using collage to create celebratory pictures and finding out more about the key aspects of the coronation ceremony, including the imperial state crown and the beautiful gold coach. We also managed to have our picnic in the sunshine….when the rain eventually stopped! We hope the children enjoyed it all as much as we did!

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Learning Blog Year 2 W/C 24/4/23

In writing this week, we have been using our ‘er’ and ‘est’ endings to describe characters that we have made up after reading the book about the Stripy Horse. The children worked really hard to use these endings as well as remember their expanded noun phrases to add interest for the reader.

In maths, we have been finished our learning on fractions and are recapping our knowledge of shapes, thinking about sides and vertices.

In geography, we’ve been learning about human and physical features. PSHE has involved learning about different families. It’s been a busy week and we hope that you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

Best wishes from the Year 2 Team.

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Year 2 Learning Blog w/b 17.4.23

We’ve had a great first week back in Year 2! In Maths we have been continuing our learning about fractions, finding out about unit and non unit fractions and beginning to work out ¾ of shapes and numbers. Tricky stuff!

We have enjoyed sharing our extensive knowledge of dinosaurs, writing our end of unit information reports for our history topic, and also loved being out on the field in the sunshine on Thursday afternoon, learning various new skills as part of our athletics unit. In music, we talked about songs or types of music that we liked to listen to and then explored how different pieces of music make us feel. We listened to Mars, the Bringer of War and Venus the Bringer of Peace, both from The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst and had a go at drawing or creating images for the sounds that we could hear. Everyone was encouraged to focus on their own individual thoughts and expression of feeling and we had some super examples of art work and creative ideas. 

The children have also loved finishing off their moving monsters as part of our DT unit of work. The results were impressive!

Reminder please that PE kits need to be in school and that sun hats or caps are a good idea to keep in bags, just in case we do ever get any sunshine!

Have a great weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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Woodwind Showcase at EHPS!

The children in Years 2-5 were treated to some live music on Tuesday this week, when our new woodwind teacher, Mrs Carnell, held a showcase to introduce the children to the instruments that she teaches. Mrs Carnell brought along a flute, a clarinet and a saxophone! We listened to the different sounds that they made and shared the similarities and differences between them. Mrs Carnell then held a ‘have a go’ session after school, where children and parents could come along, see the instruments up close and ‘have a go’ on the smaller, plastic versions that Mrs Carnell had also brought with her. This was extremely well attended and it was lovely to see so many children (and parents) talking enthusiastically about learning an instrument. One of our EHPS teachers and a few of our parents even remembered learning the flute themselves with Mrs Carnell, several years ago!!

If you would be interested in your child learning a woodwind instrument – or taking lessons with one of our other teachers in the violin, piano, guitar or drums – look out for letter that will be sent to your MCAS account this week. This will include contact details for all of the instrumental teachers who visit EHPS. Please also feel free to chat with Mrs Mabin outside Year 2 at the end of the school day, if you have any other questions. However, contact with the instrumental teachers must be made directly. Happy playing!

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Year 2 Parents Enjoy a Ukulele Workshop!

We had a fabulous time this morning when a large group of Year 2 parents came to join their children for a Ukulele workshop. The adults joined in wonderfully and it was lovely to see everyone playing together and experiencing the joy and delight of ensemble playing. Mrs Slaven, the headteacher at St Leonard’s Primary School, kindly lent us 20 of her ukuleles, so along with the ones that Exwick Heights already own, there was just about enough for one each, parents and children. We covered holding the ukes, basic strumming technique, the names of the strings and learnt to play a chord of C…. whilst singing at the same time! Impressive stuff! The session ended with a final performance of all that we had learnt. The children and I certainly had a fabulous time – we hope that the adults enjoyed it as well. Thank you for coming and for taking part with such enthusiasm and gusto!

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Year 2 learning w/b 13/3/23

In Maths, we are learning about fractions. Children have been finding halves, quarters and thirds of shapes and amounts. We wonder if your child can explain the difference in the fractions to you?

We have been thinking about what will happen to seeds if we plant them upside down. So that we can see the seeds germinate, we have put them in plastic wallets on the windows.

There is a special surprise to come home today which the children have been working hard on in writing. We have been using subordinate conjunctions in our writing.

Have a fantastic weekend from the Year 2 Team.

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