Another busy, fun week!

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, our children arrived dressed to impress and enjoyed sharing their favourite books and characters.

They kept teachers on their toes by making us guess the character they had chosen and completed some fun book related activities such as a quiz, guess the author, wordsearches and book reviews. Some classes also enjoyed travelling across to Reception and Year 1 to share their book preferences and read to them. The younger children were mesmerised by the older children reading to them with expression. Enjoy a few photographs ……..

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Welcome back to our Spring term two!

Our first week back has seen some very excited children looking forward to their Escot trip taking place on Thursday and Friday of this week. We have lots of future historians gearing up to find out ‘hands on’ what living in an Anglo Saxon village was like. We’ll look forward to posting more information about how we got on next week.

We have started our new English Narrative based on Paddington Bear. This week, our children have focussed on the structure of different Paddington stories and worked out that they all have a similar features – a beginning, a build up, a problem, a resolution and an ending. Using varied drama activities, we have enjoyed planning and acting out our own Paddington themed short plays.

As we approach the next big Christian event of Easter, children have been re-calling the story of Holy week. In RE, they have read and understood the events that happened during Holy week and then drew and labelled a comic strip to aid their understanding. They really enjoyed it!

Year 3/4 Team

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Anglo-Saxons and Amazing Instruments!

Monday was Anglo-Saxon day for year 3/4. The children were able to enjoy five different Anglo-Saxon activities. The children created some beautiful weaving and made Anglo-Saxon broaches. They each made a brilliant class book of illuminated letters. They also worked together to crack some coded messages written in runes. And they became archaeologists and explored an Anglo-Saxon burial site.

In science, the children have been making musical instruments from scrap materials. The children were challenged with making instruments that can create sounds of different pitches and volumes while also looking good. Here are some of their creations.

We have had a brilliant half term and hope the children all have a lovely break!

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An exciting week in year 3/4!

This week the children have been busy writing their biographies. We have been so impressed by their beautiful handwriting and great work. From Matilda to Ronaldo, the children have worked very hard to write interesting, informative and exciting biographies.

This week, we have seen some beautiful home learning to celebrate the Chinese New Year after we read all about it last week. The children have made some incredible paper lanterns and drawn some beautiful dragons.

Next week, the children will be needing to bring in empty plastic containers and tissue boxes for their DIY instruments in science so please keep hold of anything that may be of use and ask your child to bring it to school. Some children have even had a go at making some at home. Here are some amazing bamboo panpipes!

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Amazing art in year 3/4!

This week, we have seen some incredible art both in school and handed in for home learning. In school, we have looked at rainforests in art and the children have created beautiful pieces using rainforest images as a starting point.

Here are some of the wonderful pieces of home learning that have been handed in. The children have created beautiful drawings and paintings of Frida Kahlo or work inspired by her art.

In science, the children have continued learning about sound and will soon be creating their own musical instruments using materials like cardboard and plastic. Please send in any empty tissue boxes or cardboard boxes of a similar size, plastic bottles or plastic tubs which could be used to make an instrument. Thank you!

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Snow, science and a super speaker!

This week the children were very excited to see the snow on Wednesday! We watched the snow safely from the sidelines and the children told us all about their slippery journey to school!

In science, the children have been learning about sound and will soon be making their own musical instruments which will need to change volume and pitch. Please keep any clean plastic bottles, tissue boxes, cardboard boxes or plastic pots which could be used to make their instrument and ask your child to bring them in to school. Here are some ideas for instruments they could make.

In RE, we were visited by a brilliant Hindu speaker called Ravi who told us all about what his faith means to him and how he worships as a Hindu in Exeter. The children listened beautifully and were able to ask him some great questions about Hinduism.

The children have also drawn some amazing Hindu temples (mandirs) using shading and pencil control and made some from lego for home learning. Here are some incredible examples.

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A Busy Week in Year 3/4!

We have been very busy in year 3/4! Since returning to school, we have discussed our new years resolutions and set new goals for this half term. We have introduced biographies in English. The children have loved reading about Roald Dahl and Marcus Rashford as well as developing their non-fiction writing skills. We have also seen some great biographies for home learning. From footballers to scientists, the children wrote excellent biographies.

We also had some very special visitors this week! Years 2 – 6 were able to watch a panto in the hall!! We watched a wonderful performance of Cinderella. The children had a brilliant time watching the pantomime and seemed to really enjoy it.

In science, we have been learning about sound. We have learned about how sound travels and how sounds can be different volumes. We placed rice on a drum and hit it to explore the vibrations. We have also hit a tuning fork and placed it in water to watch the vibrations through ripples in the water. The children have explored lots of different instruments such as ukuleles and percussion instruments to explore how the sounds are created.

In RE, the children have listened to Hindu Bhajan music and have loved dancing to it. Next week, we will have a special visitor coming to speak to us all about Hinduism!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

The year 3/4 team would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year! The children have worked extremely hard this term and we hope they all enjoy a much deserved break over Christmas. This week we have been having lots of fun with Christmas activities. The carols in the playground performance went brilliantly and we are very proud of all the children who worked really hard to learn the songs and perform in front of a rather large audience.

We have had year 3/4 Exwick’s Got Talent and the year 3/4 team were amazed by the performances from singers, dancers, pianists, comedians, guitarists and so much more!

We have also been finishing our DT pavilions which look incredible. The children worked very hard to design and create stable and aesthetic structures. Here are some of their great creations.

Have a very happy Christmas and we look forward to welcoming the children back in the new year!

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A busy week in year 3/4!

In the lead up to Christmas, year 3 and 4 have been getting in the festive spirit by practicing our Christmas carols. Lyrics to the songs can be found on google classroom for each class. Carols in the playground for year 3/4 will be next Wednesday at 3:30pm.

This week, the classes have also started creating their pavillions in DT. The children spent time designing their pavillion and creating a structure using wooden sticks. The children have worked really hard to make incredible structures and beautiful pavillions that fit a theme such as Santa’s Grotto and Fun Playground.

On the last Friday of term, (16.12.22) the children will be rewarded for their hard work with their red badge treat which will be a film in the morning and games in the afternoon. The children will be able to bring in their own snack to eat while watching the film (no nuts please and due to allergies children will not be able to share with each other). They will also be able to bring in their own board games to use in the afternoon (no electronic toys please).

Next week, the children will be able to audition in front of their class for Year 3/4 Exwick’s Got Talent!!! If your child has a talent that they would like to show such as singing, dancing, stand up comedy or even juggling, they will be able to audition next week so get practicing over the weekend!

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