Week two and three – busy, busy, busy!

We have really enjoyed studying prehistoric cave paintings in Art – we have explored pencil and charcoal to create simple, bold outlines and have used earthy colours to enhance our cave drawings and make them look more authentic. Here are some amazing examples…

In Science, we have continued to look at skeletons. Did you know, there are two main types of skeleton? Exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Creatures like slugs and jellyfish have what is known as a ‘hydrostatic skeleton’, which is a fluid-filled sack that holds them up! We have tried to classify different creatures and really enjoyed trying to add our own knowledge…

History has transported us right back in time to prehistoric Britain. We are learning abut the people and animals that lived at that time and how they survived. Woolly Mammoths were a vital part of the life of prehistoric man as they were used for many things after they had been hunted. Take a look at the photos below to see our work on this.

Place Value is our learning in Maths. We have looked at different ways to make 3-digit numbers, by moving the ones, tens and hundreds around. It was great fun working in a group to see if we could find all the possibilities.

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Them bones, them bones, them dry bones!

This week we have made a start on our curriculum timetable, French is pushing to the front as the favourite subject so far! We have learned how to greet people and ask how they are. Lots of fun games and songs mean that we remember what we are learning!


Art assessments have been completed – the children drawing their annual portraits and comparing them with past years, here are some examples for you… There is definitely lots of improvement in detail added and careful observation.

Also, take a look at the posters these children have created in Science. We are learning all about skeletons this half term! Why do we have bones? What are they for? What are they called? These are just some of the questions that will be answered.

The children have also been given their Home Learning books and spellings that they need to learn – spelling tests are on a Friday and the children can practice on Spelling Shed.

Our displays about our class names are looking good and the children have really enjoyed learning about inspirational people.

Grimwood, our class book, is going down very well. Everyday, the children are excited to settle down and listen to the next installment.

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A great start to Year 3!

It has been lovely to welcome back the children and to see their smiling faces and hear all about their summers holidays.

The Year 3 team has been really impressed with how quickly the children have settled back into the school routine (especially in the heat- typical back to school weather!!). Our new headteacher Mrs Wills has popped in to meet the children and led an assembly about our new class names . Each class is named after an outstanding person who has overcome challenges to reach their dreams. In year 3, each class is named after a famous author.

The children have enjoyed learning about their author and should be able to tell you lots of facts about them!


Just a few things to remember for this term:

  1. PE kits to be in school
  2. Remember to read 3/4 times a week and hand in reading journals on Mondays to get your READ TO SUCCEED ticket.
  3. Home learning is set and checked on Thursdays
  4. Spellings tests on Fridays
  5. Try to use SPARX and SPELLING SHED at home.
  6. Remember to email admin if you have any questions or come and chat to us after school
  7. Remember to send in home learning and photos by email- we love to see the excellent wotk you do at home
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