Year 4 ask Dr K Fisher

We have enjoyed role-playing the animals in our text ‘Dr K Fisher’ and imagining what questions they would ask an expert about. The little tadpole was very confused about its body changing, the giraffe was fed up of being tall and the ladybird wanted rid of its spots. The children will be choosing an animal and a problem it’s having to write to Dr K Fisher about as well as the reassuring reply.

In gymnastics, the children are forming sequences ready for a competition challenge! This will consist of rolls, jumps and balances and there are three levels of sequences they can choose from. They will be scored according to their performance by our top judge Mrs Glanville next week.

In Maths the children have shown fantastic progress in their place value unit and are ready to apply their learning with addition and subtraction.

We have the Read to Succeed assembly coming up next week! Please remember to sign your child’s journal and encourage them to record their reading at least three times a week to be in with the chance of winning a book.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

The Year 4 team

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Year 4 – Optimistic October

In Science this week we have been learning more about food chains and food webs. I wonder if you know what a producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, prey, predator and apex predator all are? We had a great discussion about whether humans would always be at the top of the food chain and what would happen to the population of different organisms if one of them disappeared from the food chain. It was also interesting to consider what we eat and how we might be affected by something happening lower down the food chain such as fish after an oil spillage.

Here are some good examples of food webs we made:

In PSHE we have been considering our role in the school community and how many people work hard at Exwick Heights to help us to learn and make sure we are safe and happy at school.

It’s Optimistic October this month and we want to encourage everyone to try these small things every day to focus on the positive and look after our mental health.

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Read to Succeed

Please encourage your child to read at home at least three times a week. They will have a reading book and a library book from school or they can also read anything at home which interests them.

Reading Journals are checked every Monday and if a child has read at least three times with an adult’s signature, they win a raffle ticket to be in with the chance of winning a book at the end of the term!

Here is an example of what a Year 4 child’s Reading Journal might look like:

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Home Learning takes off in Year 4

The Year 4 pupils have blown us away with their effort and creativity when completing this week’s Home Learning. From beautifully drawn and handmade diagrams of the human digestive system to 4-digit numbers represented by Lego, post it notes, stationery and even pasta! The whole year group have worked hard to practise their times tables on Sparx, learn the homophones they were set and hand in their Reading Journals on time. We’re looking forward to seeing what next week has in store. Keep up the fantastic attitude to learning in and out of school Year 4 – well done!!

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Welcome to Year 4!

What a fantastic start to year 4! The pupils have got to know their new teachers through various get-to-know-you activities and we have enjoyed getting to know more about them. We have been so impressed by their enthusiasm to learn and try their best in lessons.

In English, we have read two texts about the eruption in Pompeii linked to our History topic on Roman Britain and focused on improving our retrieval skills. Place value has been good fun using Base 10 and other resources to help us progress from 3-digit to 4-digit numbers. 4RW particularly enjoyed Mrs Wang’s magic trick and might even try it on you at home! Our first Science lesson has been very messy and creative with demonstrating and drawing the human digestive system!

Please remember to bring in:

  1. Reading journals on a Monday
  2. Home Learning on a Thursday
  3. PE kits every day

We also sent home a list of recommended reads for Year 4. They offer a range of different texts from poetry to short chapter books to non-fiction so that your child can read widely and enjoy reading in Year 4.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 team

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