Healthy Eating Week

This week at Exwick Heights it has been Healthy Eating Week. The children have been doing a range of activities to learn about different things that we need to do to make sure we are healthy. This has included doing a 10-minute step exercise every morning, learning about fibre and hydration, as well as having a debate about snacks at lunchtime. Wednesday also saw the return of Funky Fruit where the children were invited to bring in a decorated piece of fruit to enjoy at break time. There were some amazing creations brought in, a big well done to all who participated.

We also had our annual sports day on Wednesday afternoon. The children had a great afternoon and enjoyed taking part in all the different events and cheering on their classmates. It was also lovely to welcome back parents to enjoy and watch.

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Year 2/3/4 Children Entertain at the Exwick Jubilee Fete!

We had a wonderful time ‘on tour’ on Saturday June 4th, singing at the Jubilee Fete in the Exwick Parish Hall. The children turned out in force to delight their audience with a rendition of the National Anthem and ‘It’s Our Dear Old Queen’…. a unique song for EHPS with lyrics written specially for the occasion! Thanks to all of you for coming and singing so enthusiastically and to the parents for bringing you along in half term and supporting just as enthusiastically! How wonderful to be able to involve the children in live music again after so long! Here’s to many more community events, concerts and sing-alongs now we can gather in one place and sing altogether again.

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Queen’s Portraits

A big thankyou to everyone who sent in their portraits. They were all amazing and showed great artistic flair! We have loved sharing your work and here are just a few examples. We really are a talented bunch at Exwick Heights. These would definitely get the royal seal of approval! Well done everyone and have a fab half term.

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RE Visitor & Iron Man Art

This week, we were lucky enough in Year 4 to have a visitor come into school to talk to us more about our recent learning in RE. Sally from ICE spoke to the children all about the Pentecost, discussing why Christians celebrate it, what events happened, and all about what the Holy Spirit represents for Christians. We talked about how different people at the time might have felt about the messages Jesus gave, and all the children were really engaged and gave lots of fantastic answers to all of her questions, sharing how much they know about Christianity and the Pentecost. Some children even got up and acted out one of the Bible stories, whilst others played a game to show what different characteristics Christians believe the Holy Spirit helps us with and why these are important. All in all, it was a great morning that really helped to develop our understanding of the Pentecost.

We have also been finishing off our Iron Man topic by producing some chalk drawings of the Iron Man.

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This week in Year 4

In Maths, we have been learning all about decimals and the children have been amazing us with how much they have learnt and understood. From part-whole models to dividing by 10 and 100, they have really grasped a fantastic understanding of decimals, and really enjoying it too!

Singing assembly has also recently started back after a break due to the pandemic and the children have been so excited to be back together singing. They have been learning a range of songs, such as ‘Love is all around’ and we have been really impressed by how they have been paying attention and listening carefully to learn the songs really well. Be sure to ask your children the songs they have been singing so they can practice at home too.

We also just wanted to send out a general reminder about reading. Reading journals should be brought into school everyday, particularly on a Monday as this is when the children can earn themselves a ‘Read to Succeed’ ticket. They need to read at least 3 times a week to earn themselves one of these tickets. Your childs’ reading book should also be brought into school everyday as adults in school often read with the children so it is really important that they have their book with them. Thank you for your continued support.

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Meaningful May & Classification Keys

We have had a great start to the Summer term in Year 4, starting lots of new topics which the children have been really keen to learn more about.

In English, we have been looking at ‘The Iron Man’ and carefully looking at how Ted Hughes writes his work, using this to influence some of our own writing. In Science, we have begun our new Living Things topic and worked in groups this week to create classification keys for different animals. We learned all about why they are useful and thought carefully about the types of questions we could use in our own classification keys. Here are some that we created!

Below is a calendar of ideas for things you could do during May for your mental health!

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Baking bread bonanza

Year 4 have researched and designed their own bread rolls culminating in a cooking day this week! The children were very good at listening to instructions and carefully following the recipes, ending up with tasty bread to try and take home. It was a huge success – well done! Enjoy having a look at some of the final products:

In Maths, we have been learning all about tenths and hundredths – making them, writing them as fractions and decimals and representing them on a number line and bar model. Here are some good examples:

Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

The year 4 team

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