Year 5 are learning legends!

We continue to be thrilled with the wonderful work produced and outstanding effort displayed in Year 5. This week, we have begun our new Maths topic surrounding statistics, focusing on reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs. We’ve seen graphs pop up in other lessons, including Guided Reading, where we have created emotion graphs linked to events in the life of Walter Tull, the first Black professional football player in the UK.

This learning has helped us understand many key Black figures in history who have often gone unnoticed. As part of our Black History Month research, the children have learnt about many inspirational people, such as Mary Seacole and Olive Morris. It has been fantastic to see such a wealth of great home learning produced profiling these important figures. We are looking forward to learning more about Black history throughout the year, including in our next History topic focused on the Benin Kingdom.

Please can we remind all children to try and bring in at least 2 equally-sized water bottles (at least 330ml if possible) ready for our DT project next week. The more bottles we can reuse, the more experimenting we can do when creating our portable water filters.

We look forward to seeing parents next week during parents’ evening and sharing many more wonderful things about the children’s successes!

The Y5 Team

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A week of wonders in Year 5!

It has been another action-packed week in Year 5, full of hard work, perseverance and great fun. Before exploring some of our wonderful work, please can we remind parents to provide children with at least two plastic water bottles (ideally of the same size) that can be used to be cut up to make our portable water filters (linked with our Slums topic). Bringing these bottles in as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Following our school Art week theme of British Values, Year 5 have created collages focused on the rule of law. Take a look below!

In English, we have finished crafting our suspense narratives; have a read of some great examples below!

It was coming for him – it was only a matter of time. He cycled through the midnight city, where litter smothered the overgrown street. The ivy coiled around the old, rickety houses, making them seem even more dreadful than they were in daylight. The imposing houses further ahead, which were damaged and clearly decaying with pollution, looked like they were once a happy home with a loving family inside. Broken windows with shattered glass was like looking into a solar system but without any hope of excitement. Lara 5GT

The quiet night sky began to whistle menacingly as the gloomy mist began to block his view. He slowly turned around, staring into the distance. White spots instantly dotted around his deadly, black eyes as his evolution took hold. He was now one of them. Brad 5LS

Devastated, the car stalled on the deserted streets. What was happening? Lips dry as wood, he had to escape, what ever this was.  Wide eyes with brown bushy eyebrows twitched and stared at what looked like a 100 story drop off the edge of the holey bridge. Heart in mouth, he could feel the black eye virus in the chilly air. Ethan 5MW

His legs screamed as he limped through the dull, dry wasteland. Silver windmills towered above him like malicious giants in a boxing arena. Now flying towards the mountain peak, he sprinted through bushes and bushes of crimson thorns. The dusty ground only made it harder for him to escape from what was about to happen. Rohan 5LS

The sun lowered and misty gloom overpowered any light, mercilessly taking over the sky. As his bike skidded across the gushes of sewage water – unfriendly and menacing – he struggled on to the abandoned city, where only despair lingered. Scattered waste occupied the landscape, kicking and screaming with spews of revolting air along this derelict terrain. Daniel 5GT

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In Year 5, we are astonishing authors, magical mathematicians and much more!

Year 5 continue to astound with their fantastic effort in each and every lesson across the curriculum. In particular, we have been impressed with the dedicated effort to master all things place value in Maths this week – the children have expertly rounded numbers up to the nearest 100,000, as well as explored negative number word problems (a useful activity with the upcoming cold spell!)

Our writing work continues to enthuse all as our final written pieces (based on the video ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille) come together. You can watch the video here: Look out for excellent examples in next week’s blog!

We will soon be completing our Art collages and beginning our project in DT. Please can we ask for children to bring in 2 water bottles of an equal size and that you are happy to be cut and used to create a portable water filter. Regular 500ml/1l bottles will be great.

Well done again, Year 5- keep working hard and aiming for your best!

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What a wonderful start to Year 5!

We have been thrilled by the positive start from all pupils in Year 5. All staff in the year group have noticed how polite, well-mannered and enthusiastic your children are, and we are all very excited to work together to have the best school year imaginable!

In these early days, each class has produced their own art display, drawing inspiration from artists such as Julian Opie as well as techniques such as micrography, to make the year 5 classrooms feel unique and special. We are also enjoying using the music video ‘Titanium’ to help us build suspense narratives, which we can’t wait to share in future blog posts!

To support the children to access all that Year 5 has to offer, please support your child by:

  • ensuring they have a full PE kit (named and labelled in school.) PE days are Monday and Friday (5LS and 5MW) and Wednesday and Friday (5GT)
  • encouraging them to bring in their reading book and reading diary every day. We encourage the children to read for at least 20 minutes a day (ideally with an adult) and try to write in their reading diary as regularly as possible. One parent signature a week, and three pupil comments in the reading diary, will mean your child gains a ticket into the Read to Succeed draw! Reading diaries will be checked on Mondays.
  • ensuring they have a water bottle every day
  • supporting completion of home learning to a good quality (due in on Thursdays)

Your child should have been sent home with a reading list recommending some high quality texts that will support them to read at a Year 5 level. You can find the full list here.

Well done, Year 5 – keep up the brilliant work!

Ms. Lloyd-Seetim, Miss Webber and Mr. Taylor

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