This week in Year 5

It has been a busy week of working in Year 5, with each class beginning new Science topics focused on animals (including humans), as well as orienteering in PE – the balloon challenge had many of us in stitches! In addition, the children have now completed their History topic focused on the Middle East, writing essays focused on whether there will ever be peace in this region. Using our topic booklets, we have explored the rise of the Ottoman Empire, the impact of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and how the country of Israel came to be. Whilst a controversial and challenging topic, we have been so impressed with the mature responses and engagement that the children have shown.

There has also been fantastic setting description writing being produced in English! Below are just a few quality examples:

As I reached the summit, the sun guarded me. A protector, a guardian, a god. If only this would never end. William

The unwelcoming skyscraper stood in silence as I slowly made my way towards its peak. The imposing setting echoed with the muttering of stars above. Maia

No stars glistened under the threat of the furious sky that had so recently been alight in an array of colours. Rocks – fossil grey and jagged – darted in and out of the flickers of light that were surrendering to the abyss of darkness looming ahead. Daniel.

Tranquil clouds, as soft as a pillow, stretched across the horizon as Billy set sail on his journey. Dancing across the sheet of glass was a tropical swirl of colour, tasting of happiness and leaving a trail of light and joy on the path ahead. Courtney

The excitement is certainly building in Year 5 for our upcoming Grenville residential! Thank you to everyone who has already completed the permission and medical slips – it is really useful to have this key information with good time before the trip to make any adjustments. Please do contact the Year 5 team or the office if there is anything that we can do to support you to complete these.

Have a lovely weekend! Year 5

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Sports Day Success in Year 5!

We were so proud of our Y5 children this week for their fantastic efforts during Sports Day. Despite the heat and the nerves of performing in front of a crowd, our team of superstars rose to the challenge and put on a spectacular display of sporting talent and enthusiasm! Congratulations to the victors, 5LS. There were only 17 points between all three classes, so it was an incredibly tight race to to the top! Below are just some recounts of the eventful morning:

During Sports Day, I liked the relay because it was fun to do it with other people, communicate with others and not be on your own! Mr. Taylor was very impressed with my handover, and my team won! I liked the shot put because not many schools get to do this sport, so it’s nice that we get to do something special! Maia 5GT.

I loved the relay because it was a really speedy race in a small zone – I didn’t have to waste any energy and could rest quickly! My group were really good at passing the baton. I was one of the last to do the hurdles – they knocked down very easily but I carried on, even with the extra challenge of higher bars! Ruby 5MW

I liked most the relay race because it was really fun and everyone enjoyed it – everyone was in high spirits. My part of the race was very exciting and was a close race between me and my competitors. I did the cross country race, which was cool because we got to go where no one else has been before! The amount of laps was just right for me – we had to do 2 laps of the nature area (up and down the hills) and along the field. Ewan 5LS

Relive the memories below with some in-action photos from Sports Day.

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Queen’s Portraits

A big thankyou to everyone who sent in their portraits. They were all amazing and showed great artistic flair! We have loved sharing your work and here are just a few examples. We really are a talented bunch at Exwick Heights. These would definitely get the royal seal of approval! Well done everyone and have a fab half term.

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Year 5 last week…

We have enjoyed Topic because we have been learning about Freiburg. Freiburg is very sustainable because they have banned cars and only use buses. This is sustainable because most cars are toxic due to the CO2 that the cars produce. Freiburg is located in Southern Germany, on the the boarder of France and Switzerland.

Riley and Ayson, 5LS

In English, we’re writing to Ben Bradshaw about the environment and asking about ways that he can help fix it. We have to try and use formal language because we’re writing to an MP and this tone will make him listen. Some of the features we are trying to use are: list of three; rhetorical questions; emotive language; subject-specific vocabulary about the environment; relative clauses. I like writing letters to people so I am enjoying this topic!


We have learnt about online safety during our PSHCE lesson. We learnt to never talk to strangers, block bullies, stay within our age limit online and the most important: never give private information about ourselves. We know not to speak to a stranger because there is a danger that it could be an adult pretending to be a child so we have to be careful. We also learnt about being in an online community, for example XBox, where you can enjoy playing with friends online who have the same interests as you.

Dexter and Alfie, 5MW

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This week in Year 5…

This week in Science, we have been learning about different animal life cycles. We learnt that both complete and incomplete metamorphosis start at the egg stage but complete metamorphosis has four stages and incomplete metamorphosis has three. I really enjoyed learning about animals as we don’t normally talk about like butterflies, sea turtles and locusts. Butterflies are an example of an animal that goes through complete metamorphosis. They start as an egg, then they become a larva, where they eat ravenously so they can develop into the next stage. This is when they become a chrysalis and finally, after some weeks they moult their chrysalis and become a butterfly. Locusts are an example of an animal that goes through incomplete metamorphosis. They also start as an egg and then develop to become a nymph, which is a miniature version of its adult form. To become an adult, a nymph moults its skin five times, each time becoming larger.  

Courtney C 5GT

We have enjoyed learning how to add and subtract decimals. Also, we enjoyed column addition, which was our favourite. Here is an example…

0.47 + 0.27 = 0.74

Kayla and Lexxi 5LS

In English for a while we have been learning about workhouses and thinking about our opinions of them. Workhouses were around in the Victorian era. However, it wasn’t actually based on our opinions, it’s actually based on everyone’s opinion. We were doing for and against arguments and we were writing in 3rd person. I worked hard to remember to include full stops and capital letters.

Lucas B 5MW

In English this week we have learnt about workhouses, the conditions there and whether children should or shouldn’t have been put in workhouses. A workhouse is a place where children with no parents went to do chores for food and water. As well as somewhere to sleep but sometimes they’d have to share a bed with 3 others!

Daniel G 5MW

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Year 5’s Handball Tournament…

It was a great day to play handball because it was sunny and warm. However, we did get very sweaty! It was all worth it because we got to meet new people and play many matches. Winning the competition with my team made me feel very proud it was lovely to work with people across the year group.

Ava 5GT

What I liked about the handball tournament is that we were against another school as it was quite a challenge. Additionally, everyone played fairly. Furthermore, I met lots of different people and learnt lots of new skills. Also, we had to do a walk back to school but at least we were being healthy and getting our exercise.

Daisy 5LS

The whole experience was very fun. The trip, playing handball at West Exe then walking back. I liked playing on a team and using different strategies. I really enjoyed it because I experienced teamwork, problem solving, winning and sometimes failure.

Blossom 5MW

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Well done, Year 5!

What an action-packed, always-eventful term we’ve had in Year 5! We’d like to say a huge thank you and well done to all the children in Year 5 for the ambition, creativity and enthusiasm they have shown every day. We are so proud of all the awesome art, powerful prose, spectacular science, super sporting skills and all the other alliterative phrases you can think of!

Over the holidays, we hope that everyone (parents and children) manage to enjoy a good break and rest – it has definitely been very busy and we are grateful for all the hard work from you all. The only home learning that we would like every Year 5 to complete is to read regularly, which I know many of the children will love! Visiting the library to help the children select new books would also be amazing!

There are some optional home learning tasks, as well as the statutory Year 5 and 6 spellings, on the home learning sheet. Also below is a link to some helpful activities to help with learning how to tell the time, a very useful skill that will help the children in Year 6 (and life!)

Have a fantastic break,

Ms. Lloyd-Seetim, Miss Webber, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Long and Mr. Baker

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Exwick Heights FC

This week, our school first team were only able to play two fixtures, both against Montgomery.

The first was a league game where the score was 0-0 despite a hard-fought contest. Montgomery started the game on top in the first few minutes although we were able to keep the score at 0-0 thanks to some good defending from Archie and Harry. Daniel also made a couple of vital saves in goal. We grew into the game and were unlucky not to go ahead after an excellent corner delivered by Jack to Niko whose header rattled the bar. Leo worked tirelessly in midfield showing strength and determination. This earned him Man of the Match.

The second game was a friendly game where we changed formation regularly to give players the opportunity to showcase their skills in different positions. Goals came from Niko and Leo while Brad worked hard, almost creating a chance for himself in the second half. The game finished 2-0 and it was a great opportunity for Mr Tanner and Miss Baxter to see the versatility of the team. Man of the Match was awarded to our captain, Niko, for his unfailing work ethic in defense and a great goal to finish the game!

Mr Tanner and Miss Baxter

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