Inspiring innovators in Year 5!

We are a group of Year 5 students who are representing Exwick Heights Primary School in the Ted Wragg Innovation Challenge. Together, we’re creating a project related to Net Zero goals for housing. Firstly, we came up with some ideas and decided to develop a wind turbine combined with a solar panel. We wrote to numerous relevant individuals in the energy and sustainability field; we have even had replies from Mr. Ben Bradshaw MP and a hand-written letter from none other that Sir David Attenborough – how amazing is that?!

We tested six areas in the school grounds with our hand-made anemometers to find the windiest area. Also, we visited a local windfarm with nine huge turbines! We learnt a lot about how wind produces energy – did you know that six adults can fit into the nose of each turbine?

Next, we made a mini-version of a house with a wind/solar turbine. We attached the motor onto the turbine with the solar panel and attached this to a light bulb. When the turbine turns, this should light the bulb, like the energy in our houses. However, we have experienced some technical difficulties with our motor. We definitely know that it will work, because we wrapped a length of cotton around the axle of the motor and pulled – this did light the bulb!

We feel very strongly that it is plausible for every house to have a solar/wind turbine hybrid in their gardens at an affordable cost. This will produce sustainable energy in order to save our planet. We hope you’ll support our sustainable project and champion us as we progress in the Ted Wragg competition!

Flavia, Felix, Amelia, Riad, Leila and Anoush – Year 5 Innovation Team

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King Charles Art

We hope you all enjoyed the recent Coronation Celebrations! Thank you all so much for having a go at creating portraits of the new King.

Children and adults submitted some excellent pieces which would definitely get the royal seal of approval! Here are just a few examples. We will be creating a gallery display in the foyer at school too. Well done everyone!

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Year 5’s plea for boxes…

In the next couple of weeks, Year 5 children will be completing an art installation for a project in school and will need as many boxes as possible! We would be really grateful if you have any spare boxes, that they could be donated for us to use. Boxes about shoe box size, with a removeable lid, would be great (examples below). If you have an appropriate box/es, please send them in with your child from Monday 15th May. Thank you in advance!

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Captivating Class Readers…

Black Powder

“Black Powder” is 5LS’s class book. Chapter 1 is our favourite so far because Ally Sherrick (the author) includes lots of figurative language and suspense. Additionally, she describes the characters with explosive adjectives. Chapter 11 was really tense and we met a new character. We are really enjoying it!

Jack and Indiana, 5LS

The Tiger Who Sleeps Under My Chair

We are reading “The Tiger Who Sleeps Under My Chair” by Hannah Foley. We were lucky to meet Hannah in person on World Book Day, where she ran a session with Year 5 and 6 to read some of the book and share the important messages of the text. We have learnt lots more about how to support our physical and mental health, the importance of hormones such as oxytocin and how to sensitively support someone suffering from poor mental health. The book has two timelines – one set in 1888 and another in 2023. Now that we’re halfway through, we’ve worked out some connections between the protagonists in each timeline, and look forward to finding out what the missing key will reveal!

We would definitely recommend it to children aged 9+!


The Goldfish Boy

In “The Goldfish Boy”, a toddler called Teddy Dawson goes missing and Mathew tries to solve the mystery. Also, Mathew (The Goldfish Boy) has to handle his fear of germs and his brother passing away 5 year previously, with the help of his Wallpaper Lion. Everyone in the col-de-sac is a suspect for the missing child. Mathew’s friend Melody is also helping to try and find Teddy. We think that Teddy has been kidnaped but are not sure of the prime suspect, which is really making us want to read on!

Olek and Maisie, 5MW

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Second in the City!

Monday evening was an evening of absolute triumph for our Exwick Heights football team! They have been competing this year in the Exeter Primary Football League against other school teams in the city. Months of hard work and competitive drive has resulted in a huge achievement for the team…

Last month, the team qualified for the “best of the best” Champions Cup which took place on Monday with the best 8 teams in the league. Our team performed well under pressure in our quarter final against Montgomery who were a challenging opponent. The nail-biting match was forced into extra time followed by penalties. Every member of our team had to take a penalty, including our goal-keeper, with our team scoring some stunning goals in front of a large crowd. We moved into the semi-final competing against Wynstream Red. Our superb early goal was followed by an equaliser by the opposition and this match also ended with penalties. Our team, once again, acted with composure, earning a deserved place in the final. We met a very worthy opponent in Wynstream Blue who were the winners of the tournament with our superb Exwick team finishing second.

Overall, our team finished 2nd out of 18 school teams in the city which is a superb achievement! The team have been an absolute pleasure to watch this year. I have been in awe of their confidence, sportsmanship and talent. They have created such a legacy and will certainly be a team to remember.

A huge congratulations to: Brad Wylie, Noah Vernon, Riley Cameron, Raffety Hillson, Daniel Nikiforov, Theo Pitts, Louie Clarke-Rose, Wilf Simons, Oscar Batty and Brody Brookes.

A huge thanks to parents too! Parents, grandparents, cousins and siblings came to watch each and every game! We really appreciated the support!

Congratulations Exwick 1st Team!

Miss Baxter and Miss Stone

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Woodwind Showcase at EHPS!

The children in Years 2-5 were treated to some live music on Tuesday this week, when our new woodwind teacher, Mrs Carnell, held a showcase to introduce the children to the instruments that she teaches. Mrs Carnell brought along a flute, a clarinet and a saxophone! We listened to the different sounds that they made and shared the similarities and differences between them. Mrs Carnell then held a ‘have a go’ session after school, where children and parents could come along, see the instruments up close and ‘have a go’ on the smaller, plastic versions that Mrs Carnell had also brought with her. This was extremely well attended and it was lovely to see so many children (and parents) talking enthusiastically about learning an instrument. One of our EHPS teachers and a few of our parents even remembered learning the flute themselves with Mrs Carnell, several years ago!!

If you would be interested in your child learning a woodwind instrument – or taking lessons with one of our other teachers in the violin, piano, guitar or drums – look out for letter that will be sent to your MCAS account this week. This will include contact details for all of the instrumental teachers who visit EHPS. Please also feel free to chat with Mrs Mabin outside Year 2 at the end of the school day, if you have any other questions. However, contact with the instrumental teachers must be made directly. Happy playing!

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Year 5 synagogue visit

Our RE learning this half term is focused around the enquiry question, ‘Why is the Torah so special to the Jewish community?’ To add some real-life experience to our learning, we visited Exeter Synagogue this week. We came away with countless facts about Judaism, the history of the Synagogue and the beliefs and traditions of Jews in Exeter and around the world. We’re sure the children had lots to share at home! Take a look at the pictures below:

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