This week in Year 5…

This week, I’ve enjoyed doing the English, where we’ve been writing parts of biographies. We’ve written about Katherine Johnson, Christiano Ronaldo, Peggy Whiston, Tutankhamun and Mary Jackson. I really liked doing this because it was interesting to find out about what they achieved and how they managed to be successful. 

In Maths, I like converting fractions from mixed to improper fractions because once I got the hang of it, it was really, really easy and it was fun to try something new!

Pollyanna 5GT

In maths we are learning about fractions- specifically about equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions. To show our support for Children in Need, we came to school wearing our own clothes and donated some money. This morning, we did some Pudsey colouring and some maths code breaking. In English we have been finding facts about a famous person who we think is inspirational. We could choose to write about anyone (even if they have died or are living) and we have really enjoyed finding more out about them.

Nawaf and Ella, 5MW

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Year 5’s Enrichment Experience

Some Year 5 children were invited to Exeter University for an enrichment experience in different areas. Here are some of their experiences…

Yesterday, us and a couple of other lucky children from different schools went to Exeter University for a day. Our first activity was writing things we knew and questions we had about various pictures. Secondly, our next activity was learning about what caused the start of what would eventually be the battle of Hastings. After our brief break, we focused on the second part leading up to The Battle of Hastings. Next, we rehearsed the clash between Harold and William. Finally, to finish off we had our lunch and then we typed up a report with partners about what we had learned that day as newspapers. All in all, it was a fun and educational day. We really enjoyed it!

Felix and Harlan, 5MW

For maths, we did geometry, including properties of shapes and angles. Firstly, we had to think of a letter and shape and our partner had to guess it on a whiteboard. We learnt about angles including; acute, right angle, obtuse and reflex. We also learnt what an isosceles, trapezium and a parallelogram are. Between break and lunch we had to guess what shape the teacher was thinking of. We saw what an architect would draw like; birds eye view, front view and side view. We then looked at 3D shapes and even got a certificate at the end of the day.

For History we learnt about the Battle of Hastings. There were two competitors, the Normans and the Saxons in 1066. In the morning, we pretended to be historians and in the afternoon we were journalists. The thing I found most interesting was the specific formation they had to do to keep safe. The formation was the archers at the front, footmen in the middle and horses at the back. When we were journalists, we designed a newspaper cover for the battle and made an advert, an interview, a picture and the story of what happened. Our teacher was really kind and we all got a certificate.

Eva and Wilf, 5LS

I found which shapes tessellated with each other and used that knowledge to find the degrees in the shapes. We worked in our tables to do this and it was very fun.

Gretta, 5GT

I learnt about 1066. In the morning, we learnt about the history. In the afternoon, we did a newspaper front cover and printed it out.

Sabela, 5GT

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A wonderful week in Year 5…

In maths, we’ve been learning about multiplication and division. We looked at factors and multiples, which we found out are very closely linked to times tables. During out science lesson, we used four processes to separate mixtures of materials; sieving, evaporation, filtration and magnetic attraction. It was very fun working as a group but a little messy! We have learnt about lots of different features that can make our writing more persuasive in English. This included: modal verbs, adverbs of probability, direct address, rhetorical questions and relative clauses. We’ve been able to create our own hotel in either Japan, London or Egypt and then write paragraphs to persuade people that they should visit our hotel. We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Theo and Will (5LS), Albie and Jacob (5GT), Luca and Evie (5MW)

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Year 5’s perfect printing!

In art we have been learning how to print. To create our prints, we had to use ink, paper, rollers and some whiteboards. As we don’t need a lot of materials, we could do this at home too. We had to draw a picture and then print from it. We liked how our prints came out because it wasn’t just pencil lines. Our parts of our house drawings (that we copied from last week) came out quite well when we printed them because we drew a lot of detail. We put a lot of effort into our artwork so that it looked good. Have a look at some of our prints!

Charly, Chris and Anoush, Year 5

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Another great week for Year 5

This week, I’ve enjoyed planning my suspense narrative and beginning to write it up – I’m creating the first half of the video to ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille. In Science, we investigated thermal insulators by using potatoes that we had to keep warm, which I really enjoyed! Elsie

I enjoyed sketching in my art book – we have creating observational drawings of houses. I made sure to be careful with my line technique, with elegant strokes. I’m really enjoying PE at the moment; in orienteering, we had to orientate around a map and in gymnastics we created partner balances. Jax


This week we have enjoyed our art lesson. In art, we learnt how to draw houses, in proportion, from a picture. As well as art, we have enjoyed English. This week we wrote our final piece on a suspenseful narrative. We liked the freedom of our writing and got to be very creative. In reading, we loved reading and working with extracts from different books this week.

Maura and Grace, 5LS

During our geography lessons, we have been learning slums and how they are illegal settlements. In maths, we have started learning about addition and subtraction and mental strategies to help us work out the calculation. We’ve really enjoyed our class book, which is called ‘The Light Jar’, as it’s so suspenseful and we are always left on a cliffhanger and wanting to read on. This week in art we’ve been learning about observational drawing, where we used measuring, shape and light pencil lines to draw houses from looking.

Tatum and Flavia, 5MW

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A busy week for Year 5…

We voted PE as our favourite lesson of the week. In orienteering, we had to try and match the symbols to the correct description – at first, we didn’t realise how important it was to use the key, but quickly learnt from our mistakes when the competition got going! In gymnastics, we learnt about combining jumps and rolls to make a fluid sequence of moves. To help us travel along different levels, we used wedges, boxes and benches to help make our routine as exciting and gymnastic as possible. Next week, we are looking forward to planning and writing our final pieces for our suspense narrative unit. We have used the music video to ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta and Sia to help us structure our writing. You can follow the link to watch the video at home:


We have enjoyed this week, including doing Maths and learning the place value of numbers up to 1,000,000. In English, we have written paragraphs, many of which used show, not tell. In French, we found out how to ask and answer ‘How long are you staying on holiday?’. In art, we drew our houses from memory. In Reading, we read all about Ancient Egypt. Our favourite fact was finding out that they had a god called Hapi, who they believed controlled how much water was in the River Nile. This was important as they relied on it for their crops.

Wilf & Oliver, 5LS

This week we got to finish our flower drawings to create our very own pop-up garden in the classroom window. We really like all of the bright colours and different designs. In English, we have been studying the ‘Titanium’ video to help us with our suspense narrative writing. We have written paragraphs that have included lots of features to build suspense. One of the features was show, not tell. For example, if the character was feeling scared, then we could show the reader by saying ‘his heart was pounding’. We have also had fun in Science this week, where we took part in an investigation to test different materials to find out which one was the best thermal insulator. The bubble wrap was the best because it kept the potato warm for the longest. A good thermal insulator doesn’t let heat pass through it easily.

Skye and Archie, 5MW

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Year 5’s Wonderful Week

We would love to post some pictures of your child to show you what they’ve been getting up to each week. Please remember to complete the online permission form to give permission for your child to be posted onto the blog.

In year 5, we have loved our learning in lots of subjects. In English, we have learnt about turning fragments into sentences plus suspenseful writing. In topic, we have been learning about slums. A fact about slums in that there are an estimated total of 900 million to 1.6 billion people living in slums. In French, we have learnt about places you go to on holiday. The things we have enjoyed about the most so far are finding out about slums all over the world as well as everything in maths.

Wilf and Oliver 5LS

In year 5, the teachers are very kind and they will help if you are stuck on a question. We really like maths in year 5 because although it is harder, it gives you a challenge. We also liked our computing lesson, which was very interesting and educational about online safety. Finally, we’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to draw in art.

Bentley and Olivia 5MW

This week, we enjoyed learning about systems with Mrs Guppy in Computing and how Amazon Lockers work. We’ve also been busy investigating around the classroom, exploring the different properties of materials for everyday objects. In PSHCE, we all enjoyed hearing ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ and thinking about how we can stand out and achieve our goals in Year 5. We’re looking forward to next week’s adventures!


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Welcome back to Year 5!

We are so thrilled to have a whole new crew of fantastic Year 5s, who have already astounded us with their politeness and positivity. We can already tell this will be a fantastic year!

Each class has had the opportunity to create a piece of art to represent their new start in Year 5, ready to display in the classroom: in 5LS, children have fashioned their own micrography pieces expressing who they are; in 5MW, each child has designed their own painted pop-up-garden; and in 5GT, Julian Opie art will populate the art wall with brightly-coloured self-portraits.

Each class have also delivered sessions focused on British Values, how to stay safe online, our PANTS rules, why we learn R.E. in school, as well as devising class charters. We are looking forward to starting more subjects next week including Science, French, Reading and PE. Please can we ask that all children have PE kits in school as soon as possible so we can begin our orienteering and gymnastics work from Monday. Also due in on Mondays are reading diaries. All other home learning will be due in on Thursdays. This week, we have asked that the children simply read for pleasure and enjoy getting stuck into a new book!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Y5 team

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