Day Four at Beam House

We’ve been rotating round activities again today! Activities have participated in archery, trapeze, team games, sensory trail, fencing, trapeze, abseil, climbing, high ropes and the infamous muddy Challenge Course!

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Day Three at Beam House

The adventures continue at Beam House and we thought we’d start the blog today with some quotes from the week!

“That was the best sleep of my life!”

“That food hit the spot!” (said a child as he exited the dining hall, wiping ketchup from his mouth!)

“I love the food. I’ve eaten so much!” (said a child, with a plate, two cereal bowls, a yoghurt, raisins and juice).

“I’ve so proud I’ve conquered my fears!”

“I was so proud of myself for having a go at street surfing!”

“I can’t believe I did the high ropes! I’ll remember that for the rest of my life!”

“I am so excited for the mud course!”

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Day Two at Beam House

We are slowly receiving images of Beam House from yesterday and would like to apologise to parents for being unable to upload them immediately. As shared in my message last night, the internet signal at Beam House is too weak to support uploading images. I will collect a memory stick of further images from the last few days tomorrow after school to share with you all!

We are obviously only able to post images of the children for whom we hold permission – the team have asked me to reassure parents that children who are not in the images are also smiling and enjoying their time at beam so far!

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Day One at Beam House

We have arrived and settled in! Despite the wet weather, the children thrown themselves, whole-heartedly, into every activity! Today, they’ve enjoyed team games including football and basketball and later tucked into a hearty meal with Chicken Katsu Curry or Vegetable Lasagne on the menu tonight!

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Year 6 Newsletter 03/03


In English, we have been writing biographies this week about inspirational women using our class text: ‘HERstory’ which looks at famous woman in History.

Children have chosen to research and write about Emma Watson, Lucy Bronze, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and many, many more!

Here are some examples:

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Miss Clarke

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Year 6 News 06/02/23

Monday was World War Two Day in Year 6. Children were invited to join adults in dressing up, with many coming in as evacuees or land girls. We were blown away by the commitment to costumes! We had checked shirts, wellington boots, homemade gas mask boxes and army uniforms too.

We were lucky enough to welcome Dr. Powel – a lecturer from the University of Exeter – to speak about the war. He engaged the children with an overview of key events along with an insight into how the war affected our local area. With children gripped onto his every word, he answered question after question. He was impressed by their depth of knowledge! It became really clear that conversations are being had with grandparents and great grandparents at home with many children offering insights into their ancesters’ experiences.

The children then had a rotation of activities. In their ‘Make Do and Mend’ session, they used their sewing skills to patch a a piece of material with Miss Clarke. With Miss Stone they spoke about evacuation, making their own evacuee tags. Finally, with Miss Baxter, they discussed the persecution of the Jews, looking at extracts from Anne Frank’s diary.

We finished with our routine Year 5/6 STAR assembly with Mrs. Neal where Year 5 faces dropped as they saw the Year 6 costumes. It’s safe to say that they’re excited for next year!

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Miss Clarke

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Football Success 23/01/23

The Exwick Heights 1st team have had a stunning start to the league! After losing their first match in a tight 2-0 game, the team knew that they had to pull out all the stops in order to climb up the league table. They came back with a fighting spirit and did not concede a single goal in their following three games, winning all with comfortable margins! They won 6-0 against Cranbrook A, 7-0 against Broadclyst and 6-0 against Cranbrook B! Impressive victories!

There have been so many highlights. Theo and Raff have both scored impressive goals from the half-way line earning the absolute respect of their team and coaches. In our most recent game, defending remained strong with Brody and Daniel steady at the back, keeping the ball far from Louis who was ready and fearless in goal. The team even encouraged another of our superb goalkeepers – Noah – to try his luck upfront where he successfully scored two superb goals showing his impressive range and skill as a player. Wilf and Brad, who have played many games for Exwick, kept a cool composure, making clean, confident passes whilst also scoring themselves. Riley, who the players voted as their captain for the game, controlled the game well with a calm and encouraging demeanor, passing the ball beautifully and scoring some stunning goals.

The team are a close-knit, talented group who display excellent teamwork, game on game. They are a pleasure to watch and I have every confidence that they’ll progress well through the tournament.

Congratulations Exwick 1st Team!

Miss Baxter

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Year 6 Newsletter 16/01


In History, we have been looking at the causes of World War 1, exploring the role that land, arms races, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand played. In groups, children took on the role of 7 key countries, using drama to enact these causes. Each group received secret messages from their teacher which guided them through the formation of alliances until the start of the war in 1914.


In Science, we made periscopes this week to aid our understanding of light and reflection.

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Mr Tanner

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