Anglo-Saxons and Amazing Instruments!

Monday was Anglo-Saxon day for year 3/4. The children were able to enjoy five different Anglo-Saxon activities. The children created some beautiful weaving and made Anglo-Saxon broaches. They each made a brilliant class book of illuminated letters. They also worked together to crack some coded messages written in runes. And they became archaeologists and explored an Anglo-Saxon burial site.

In science, the children have been making musical instruments from scrap materials. The children were challenged with making instruments that can create sounds of different pitches and volumes while also looking good. Here are some of their creations.

We have had a brilliant half term and hope the children all have a lovely break!

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Year 6 News 06/02/23

Monday was World War Two Day in Year 6. Children were invited to join adults in dressing up, with many coming in as evacuees or land girls. We were blown away by the commitment to costumes! We had checked shirts, wellington boots, homemade gas mask boxes and army uniforms too.

We were lucky enough to welcome Dr. Powel – a lecturer from the University of Exeter – to speak about the war. He engaged the children with an overview of key events along with an insight into how the war affected our local area. With children gripped onto his every word, he answered question after question. He was impressed by their depth of knowledge! It became really clear that conversations are being had with grandparents and great grandparents at home with many children offering insights into their ancesters’ experiences.

The children then had a rotation of activities. In their ‘Make Do and Mend’ session, they used their sewing skills to patch a a piece of material with Miss Clarke. With Miss Stone they spoke about evacuation, making their own evacuee tags. Finally, with Miss Baxter, they discussed the persecution of the Jews, looking at extracts from Anne Frank’s diary.

We finished with our routine Year 5/6 STAR assembly with Mrs. Neal where Year 5 faces dropped as they saw the Year 6 costumes. It’s safe to say that they’re excited for next year!

Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Miss Clarke

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Sensational Scientists!

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed our topic on forces this half term. They would like to share some of the forces they have been learning about with you:

Year 5 have experimented with gravity and air resistance this week. We have studied forces and made and launched plastic bag parachutes- we had a blast! The children each had a role including; runner, timer, dropper and recorder, all of which were important to ensure a fair test. Air resistance is a force that slows objects down when they fall. We found out that objects with a greater surface area have more air resistance. 

Lexi and Felix E, 5MW

In Science, we have enjoyed all the investigations into different types of force. One activity that we did was to explore up-thrust. We used blu-tack and checked to see if it floated – it didn’t because the weight of the blu-tack was not equal to the force of upthrust, so it sunk. We also found out that when the blu-tack was in water, its mass stayed the same but its weight lowered! 

We then put various objects into the water tank to see if they floated or not, thinking carefully about whether the materials had high or low density. 

This learning on forces will help us with our next Science topic, Earth and Space, which we start after half term!


Recently, we have had a lot of fun in science and we have enjoyed lots of different investigations. When we were exploring the effects of gravity and air resistance we found out that if you drop a feather and hammer on Earth, the feather would fall slower . This is due to the air resistance. However, we saw an astronaut do the same thing on the moon and they fell at the same time, this is because there is no air resistance. We also explored the non-contact magnetic force and found out that strangely, magnets are placed in cows stomachs to catch metals!

Alex O and Chris 5LS

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Nursery: week 5 (w/c 30th January 2023)

This week in Nursery, during group times…

  • We focused on identifying the /o/ sound at the beginning of words (e.g. octopus, otter, orange, ostrich). When developing our vocabulary with Yakka Dee (cBeebies), we have focused on words with the /o/ sound in the middle of the word e.g. dog, fox, top. In small group time, we have continued to play a variety of blending games with words, where the adult sound talks a word and the children work out what the word is by blending the sounds together e.g. d-o-g = dog. We have also enjoyed a variety of stories.
  • We have continued to practise our fine motor skills when using scissors to cut straight lines (- this helped us to create a papercraft octopus!), and when using a pen or pencil for tracing over pictures.
  • Linked to fine motor skill development, we made, cooked and ate scones (- they were very tasty!); the children are getting really good at using their fingertips to rub & mix ingredients together.
  • In our learning about ‘dreams & goals’, we listened to the story ‘Hugasaurus’ on the theme of kindness and how it can help encourage others to achieve their goals.
  • We focused on the number ‘3’ in number time, specifically counting and ordering numbers to 3.


The children will be making (and tasting) oaty biscuits, next week. The ingredients we will be using are:


dairy free butter

a little sugar

porridge oats

Please let us know if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients listed above. 

From the Nursery Team ?

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Reception – Spring Week 5

This week we have enjoyed reading lots of stories about minibeasts. One of the stories was ‘Superworm’ written by Julia Donaldson. Superworm can fish Spider out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm’s rescue, when he’s captured by a wicked Wizard Lizard? Luckily, all of Superworm’s insect friends have a cunning plan…

  • In our letters and sounds we have learnt the trigraph (three letters making one sound) ‘air’ (chair in the air) and the digraph (two letters making one sound) ‘er’ (a bigger digger). We have been spelling a variety of words, including tricky words (are, sure, pure) and reading sentences.
  • In maths we explored ways to represent numbers using the Hungarian number pattern (die pattern). The children learnt about the pairs of numbers that make 5, and then used double dice frames to begin to explore 6 and 7 as numbers that are composed of ‘5 and a bit’.
  • On Thursday afternoon all the reception children had an exciting video call from another reception class at Marine Academy Primary school. We got to share what we have learnt about mini beasts through songs, detailed drawings and fun facts. Marine Academy were very impressed and gave us a big round of applause!

Have a great weekend – the Foundation Stage Team ?

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An exciting week in year 3/4!

This week the children have been busy writing their biographies. We have been so impressed by their beautiful handwriting and great work. From Matilda to Ronaldo, the children have worked very hard to write interesting, informative and exciting biographies.

This week, we have seen some beautiful home learning to celebrate the Chinese New Year after we read all about it last week. The children have made some incredible paper lanterns and drawn some beautiful dragons.

Next week, the children will be needing to bring in empty plastic containers and tissue boxes for their DIY instruments in science so please keep hold of anything that may be of use and ask your child to bring it to school. Some children have even had a go at making some at home. Here are some amazing bamboo panpipes!

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Nursery: week 4 (w/c 23rd January 2023)

This week in Nursery…

We have been learning about the Chinese New Year celebration and used our fine and gross motor skills to:

  • use scissors to make paper lanterns
  • fold paper to make fans for decoration
  • move in the style of a Chinese Dragon dance; we travelled in different ways along straight, curvy and zigzag pathways, with a ‘rise and fall’ movement, incorporating ribbon sticks too!

We also had fun using our fine motor skills to make, cook and eat jam tarts.  They were scrumptious!

We have focused on identifying the /g/ sound at the beginning of words (e.g. girl, glue, grapes, goat). Linked to words beginning with /g/, we have continued to develop our vocabulary with Yakka Dee (cBeebies) and watched the episodes for: goat, gloves, glasses, grass. In small group time, we have continued to play a variety of blending games with words, where the adult sound talks a word and the children work out what the word is by blending the sounds together e.g. g-oa-t = goat. We have also enjoyed a variety of stories.

In our learning about ‘dreams & goals’, we have listened to the stories ‘After the Fall’ and ‘Almost Anything’, on the theme of perseverance.  We talked about how we all find things tricky at times but we should never give up and keep trying until we can do what we set out to do.  We introduced the ‘Persevering Parrot’ to help us remember ‘to keep trying’.


The children will be making scones to eat in school next week. The ingredients we will be using are:

  • self-raising flour
  • dairy free butter
  • water
  • a little sugar
  • raisins/sultanas

Please let us know if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients listed above. 

From the Nursery Team ?

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Reception – Spring Week 4

What a great week we’ve had in reception this week. One of the stories we enjoyed was called ‘Best Test’, which was about a group of woodland animals who couldn’t decide who should be allowed to eat a strawberry. They decided on a ‘best test race’ which would test all their abilities and the prize for the winner would be the delicious strawberry. Unfortunately, when the race finished a snail had eaten the strawberry! The animals decided that they had all been winners anyway as they had all become great friends during the race!

  • In our letters and sounds we have learnt the digraphs (two letters making one sound) ‘ur’ (curl the fur), ‘ow’ (wow owl), ‘oi’ (boing boing) and the trigraph (three letters making one sound) ‘ear’ (get near to hear) this week.
  • The children have been enjoying our daily dough gym and handwriting sessions. This week we have been learning how to write our zebra family letters – z, x, w and v.  
  • We learnt two songs this week, ‘If I Were a Minibeast’ and ‘Pitter Patter Caterpillar’ which the children really enjoyed. Both were quite a challenge and rather wordy, the children showed great enthusiasm and perseverance to retain the words in just a few days. 
  • For our cooking activity this week both our reception classes made jam tarts. The children were fantastic at weighing out the ingredients, rubbing them together to make the dough and finally rolling it out and cutting it before we baked them. The children then enjoyed sampling them for snack later in the day when they had cooled down – they were a real hit and by the end of the day we had none left!

A request:

We are collecting recycled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally, we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots, kitchen rolls and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school.  Please could the items be brought in a bag. Thank you                                 

Have a super weekend – the Foundation Stage Team ?

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Year 2 Learning W/B 23.1.23

We’ve had another busy week in Year 2.

In maths, we’ve started our learning about multiplication and division. We have been learning about equal and unequal groups and have had a go at making them.

In writing, the children have been writing their own stories based on Augustus and his Smile. They have been remembering punctuation, expanded noun phrases and are developing their handwriting too. Below are a few extracts to enjoy.

In art, the children have enjoyed painting; experiencing colour mixing and experimenting with creating texture.

We hope you have a super weekend from the Year 2 team.

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