Year 1 – Surfing into the Summer term!

We’ve had such a fantastic start to the Summer term in Year 1!

Mrs Wang shared a bag of objects with her new class 1JM to help them get to know her a bit better and the next day they could remember all fifteen items!

We have enjoyed reading ‘The Woods’ in our literacy lessons. One of our favourite characters was the triple-headed dragon! The children have learnt all about nouns this week and identified some from the book. Then they worked together to decide if each noun was a person, place or thing and used super phonics knowledge to sound out the spellings.

0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50…….. 100! In Maths, we have practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as making equal groups with different objects. We have been really impressed with their independence when asked to complete a Maths activity using what they’ve been taught.

This Maths game was a popular one if you want to have a try at home:

There’s been lots of singing in Science with heads, shoulders, knees and toes and the children were excellent at labelling body parts on photographs and chalk drawings of themselves.

In music, we focused on what pulse and tempo mean and listened carefully to the Jaws and Hawaii Five-O theme tunes. Next, each group took on the role of swimmer, surfer, shark or speedboat to retell a story with sound effects and actions. Luckily, the speedboats rescued the holiday makers from the sharks circling in the water just in time!


Please send in any old newspapers for our art project in a few weeks’ time

Monday and Thursday – reading journals and books

Tuesday – Library books

Thursday – Home Learning

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 1 team

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Year 6 Newsletter 31/03

We have had a week full of fun! We became chefs, making pizzas for our Red Badge Treat and DT cooking unit, with children choosing from a variety of toppings including ham, cheese, peppers, onions and, much to Miss Baxter’s dismay, pineapple….!

The children also used their creativity and ART skills to create an Easter egg hunt for their teachers, colouring in blank eggs to camouflage them into the classroom. Have an eggcellent time trying to spot them all….!


Best wishes,

Miss Baxter, Miss Stone and Miss Clarke

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Reception – Spring Week 12

Our final week of the spring term has been another great one. The children have been working so hard and are deservedly looking forward to their well-earned Easter break. We continued looking for signs of spring in our lovely outdoor spaces around school this week and have been talking about the meaning of Easter and why some people celebrate the occasion. One of the stories we listened to as part of our on-going ‘into the country’ theme was ‘On Sudden Hill’ which the children really enjoyed.

  • For our maths this week we have been looking at ordinality (ordering the numbers correctly), cardinality (the last number tells us how many) and counting. The children have applied all the skills learned in maths so far to help their class puppet (or their teacher pretending to make mistakes) to count larger quantities beyond twenty. They had to remember to count each object once, say one number for each object, say the numbers in the right order and remember the last number indicates how many there are!
  • During letters and sounds we have completed the final week of our spring term learning with long words, words containing ‘s’ making a ‘zzz’ sound, and words with ‘es’ endings.
  • We have been talking about an important way to keep safe this week by being wary of ‘stranger danger’ during carpet times this week. We listened to the traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and other stories with strangers. We decided that there is no way of telling if a stranger is going to be kind or unkind and we talked about how to keep safe around them. A stranger is anyone you don’t know or haven’t met before in person.
  • Easter biscuits were on the menu for cooking this week. We used similar ingredients to make some tasty treats using themed cutters to turn our biscuits into bunnies, chicks, lambs and more!

Have a fantastic break and we will look forward to welcoming you back to school when we return on Monday 17th April – The Foundation Stage Team.

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Woodwind Showcase at EHPS!

The children in Years 2-5 were treated to some live music on Tuesday this week, when our new woodwind teacher, Mrs Carnell, held a showcase to introduce the children to the instruments that she teaches. Mrs Carnell brought along a flute, a clarinet and a saxophone! We listened to the different sounds that they made and shared the similarities and differences between them. Mrs Carnell then held a ‘have a go’ session after school, where children and parents could come along, see the instruments up close and ‘have a go’ on the smaller, plastic versions that Mrs Carnell had also brought with her. This was extremely well attended and it was lovely to see so many children (and parents) talking enthusiastically about learning an instrument. One of our EHPS teachers and a few of our parents even remembered learning the flute themselves with Mrs Carnell, several years ago!!

If you would be interested in your child learning a woodwind instrument – or taking lessons with one of our other teachers in the violin, piano, guitar or drums – look out for letter that will be sent to your MCAS account this week. This will include contact details for all of the instrumental teachers who visit EHPS. Please also feel free to chat with Mrs Mabin outside Year 2 at the end of the school day, if you have any other questions. However, contact with the instrumental teachers must be made directly. Happy playing!

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WHAT A MAGICAL WEEK! We have loved our little holiday away and were so impressed by the children’s perseverance, resilience and growing confidence! It can be difficult being away from home for a full week but it is so important for their independence and we couldn’t be prouder of them. The children had the opportunity to participate in 18 different activities over the course of the week and tried things that they’d never tried before! Children spent the week conquering fears, singing chants as they moved around the site and eating mountains of delicious food!

We do apologise for the mountains of washing… from the wet weather to the muddy challenge course, it’s safe to say my washing machine has been on for most of the weekend!

As you will know, the Wifi at Beam House is weak. Miss Baxter eventually found a spot that had signal….under the stairs of all places, much to the amusement of the children! However, we wanted to share more of the photos of our adventures away… and here they are!













Reception – Spring Week 11

We have continued with our theme of ‘into the country’ this week as well as exploring the signs of spring we are starting to notice in the environment around us. One story we enjoyed was the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, most of the children were familiar with the story and we explored various different versions.

  • We have been working on ‘doubling’ in maths. The children have been excellent at spotting doubles and explaining that doubles have ‘two equal parts’ that add together to make the whole. We have also been learning about odd and even numbers between 1-10.
  • Our phase 3 letters and sounds journey continues and we have been reading and spelling longer words, words that end ‘-ing’ and compound words. The children have been working so hard have been applying these skills to their guided reading and writing.
  • As part of our ‘healthy me’ topic we have been talking about personal hygiene and how to keep our bodies clean. The children talked about the importance of bathing regularly, tooth brushing twice a day, hand washing and wearing clean clothes.
  • Finally, we did some more cooking this week, we had a great time baking bread. The children explored different types of bread from around the world before making bread rolls which we enjoyed at snack time with some butter and jam!

A request:

We are collecting recycled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally, we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots, kitchen rolls (no toilet rolls please) and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school.  Please could the items be brought in a bag. Thank you

Have a great weekend – The Foundation Stage Team 

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Year 2 Parents Enjoy a Ukulele Workshop!

We had a fabulous time this morning when a large group of Year 2 parents came to join their children for a Ukulele workshop. The adults joined in wonderfully and it was lovely to see everyone playing together and experiencing the joy and delight of ensemble playing. Mrs Slaven, the headteacher at St Leonard’s Primary School, kindly lent us 20 of her ukuleles, so along with the ones that Exwick Heights already own, there was just about enough for one each, parents and children. We covered holding the ukes, basic strumming technique, the names of the strings and learnt to play a chord of C…. whilst singing at the same time! Impressive stuff! The session ended with a final performance of all that we had learnt. The children and I certainly had a fabulous time – we hope that the adults enjoyed it as well. Thank you for coming and for taking part with such enthusiasm and gusto!

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Day Four at Beam House

We’ve been rotating round activities again today! Activities have participated in archery, trapeze, team games, sensory trail, fencing, trapeze, abseil, climbing, high ropes and the infamous muddy Challenge Course!

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Day Three at Beam House

The adventures continue at Beam House and we thought we’d start the blog today with some quotes from the week!

“That was the best sleep of my life!”

“That food hit the spot!” (said a child as he exited the dining hall, wiping ketchup from his mouth!)

“I love the food. I’ve eaten so much!” (said a child, with a plate, two cereal bowls, a yoghurt, raisins and juice).

“I’ve so proud I’ve conquered my fears!”

“I was so proud of myself for having a go at street surfing!”

“I can’t believe I did the high ropes! I’ll remember that for the rest of my life!”

“I am so excited for the mud course!”

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Day Two at Beam House

We are slowly receiving images of Beam House from yesterday and would like to apologise to parents for being unable to upload them immediately. As shared in my message last night, the internet signal at Beam House is too weak to support uploading images. I will collect a memory stick of further images from the last few days tomorrow after school to share with you all!

We are obviously only able to post images of the children for whom we hold permission – the team have asked me to reassure parents that children who are not in the images are also smiling and enjoying their time at beam so far!

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