School Day FS

F1 Nursery


Parents/carers are asked to take their children into the cloakroom area where the coat pegs are and then proceed into Class N.

Am sessions – 9am – 12pm
Pm sessions – 12pm – 3pm

If you have dropped all your other children off at school and it is before 8:50am – you may still take your child to the Nursery where they will take them from 8:45am.

F2 Reception Classes

All pupils attending F2 are in full time statutory schooling.

Doors open at 8:40am

Morning Session:      8:50am – 12pm.
Afternoon Session:   1pm – 3:15pm.

Access to all playgrounds is from 8.30am with the exception of those children attending Nursery (F1) and Playclub.


The formal school day starts at 8.50am but the classroom doors open at 8.40am. All parents are welcome to come into the classroom from 8:40am to support their children in their table top activities. This period of time is a good time to pass on messages to the staff.  When in the classroom we ask parents to keep the door area clear to allow others to enter and exit safely. Children are positively encouraged to hang their coats and bags up and put their own belongings away!

Please be aware that children must be in class by 8:50am at the latest. The registration period (8:50 -9:00am) is part of the formal day and children arriving after the gates have been locked will need to report to the Early Years Office. Children arriving after 8.50am are marked as “late before registration closed”.


At the end of the day the children will be dismissed from the classroom door at 3:15pm. Parents are requested to wait well back from the classroom windows to allow the teachers and children to see you. All teachers are available to parents at this time.

A Typical Day

8:40am - 8:50amEarly morning activities
8:50am - 9amTidy up time & register
9am - 9:30amWhole class activities (adult led)
9:30am - 10:50amIndependent learning activities and individual / small group adult led / initiated activities
10:50am - 11amTidy up time
11am - 12pmWhole class activities (adult led)
12pm - 1pmLunch hour (includes lunchtime play)
1pm - 1:30pmWhole class activities (adult led)
1:30pm - 2:40pmIndependent learning activities and individual / small group adult led / initiated activities. Opportunity to visit the snack cafe.
2:40pm - 2:50pmTidy up time
2:50pm - 3:10pmStory time
3:10pm - 3:15pmPreparing for home time
3:15pmHome time