Happy frosty Friday from Year 5!

We have enjoyed another busy week. Ashton and Toby from 5 MW would like to tell you about our post today:

We have been learning about haikus, where you have to write a poem which is 3 lines long. The first line is 5 syllables, the second is 7 and the third is 5. To check if you have the right number of syllables, you can clap whilst saying the word. When writing a haiku, you can describe emotions or words like snow, monkeys etc. You can make your haiku rhyme if you want to, but you don’t have to.  Here are some of our modern haikus:


Body is trembling

Biting my lip really hard

Filling up with tears

Ella, 5MW


Keep slumping over

Lost in a drought of nothing

I do not like this

Finley, 5MW


I was aggressive

Degusted, infuriated

In despair, felt betrayed

Jack 5LS


Like a stampede

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

I need help, help me

Ruby 5LS

Here are some extended haikus we wrote too:


It smells like ashes

Here comes the hellish torture

Always attacking me.

My hope is long lost

I wish that no one was here

Come true, I need this

It tastes like a lime

Always bitter to me

I am mad at it

Sabela 5GT


Nothing to enjoy

tastes like loneliness and guilt

I go to play games

Like devil’s murder

smells like a rainy weekend

sat there all alone

Misty and cloudy

horrible and deafening

stressed and wretched

Mason 5GT