Health & Welfare


An Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) is available to discuss any welfare matters. Please contact the school if you wish to make an appointment to see the EWO.


The EWO’s role also extends to dealing with any child who is seen to be absent from school for no particular reason. The school works hard with the EWO to stop all such unauthorised absences.

School Health Service

The school’s health service aims to advise the best level of health for all children of school age, in order that they may meet their full educational potential.

The objectives are:

a) to decrease preventable causes of ill health e.g. accidents, infections, smoking etc.

b) to ensure that children are encouraged and enabled to take responsibility for their own health and well being.

Hair Hygiene

It is extremely likely that your child will suffer from infestation of head-lice, at some point in their school life. It is the policy of the school medical service to encourage parents to be responsible for the detection and treatment of head lice. In order that parents can be informed of the likelihood of infestation, we ask to be informed (in confidence) if you find that your child has head lice.

It is school policy for pupils with long hair (past the shoulder) to tie it up. This is for Health and Safety reasons.


The Trust wishes to ensure that students with medical needs receive proper care and support. Our intention is to ensure that students with medical conditions should have full access to education including trips and PE. The governing body will ensure that staff are supported and trained and competent before they take on the responsibility of supporting students with medical conditions.

Parents of children who need regular medication for any chronic conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, are requested to see the Headteacher or Office Staff.

Medical information on your child should be given to the administrative staff. It is important that the school is kept up to date on matters concerning your child’s health record.

If a child has an accident or is taken ill at school, it is very important that we can contact the parents as quickly as possible. Please keep us up to date on any change of address or telephone number. It is also important we can contact you at work.

We can administer medicines prescribed by a doctor as well as child appropriate pain relief (i.e. Calpol) at your request. In both cases, consent forms are required and are held at both offices.

Children with asthma are permitted to keep their prescribed inhaler in their classroom. Please alert their class teacher and ensure it is labelled with the child’s name.

Please see our Medical Policy for further details.