Nursery – Pirates

Our theme in nursery this week has been all things pirates as we enjoyed many pirate stories! We had lots of fun and the theme of pirates sparked lots of discussion. ‘Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet’ was our favourite! It has been our final full week before the summer holidays and we have been consolidating all our learning from our busy year in the nursery class.

We thought for our cooking activity this week that we would make our own fruity ice pops to cool us down in the extremely hot weather. These were made using fruit juice and the children enjoyed exploring ice and how it is made. These helped us a lot when needing to cool down for snack time!

For our carpet times we have continued our physical development work (in the hall out of the hot sun) where we have played lots of problem solving games. For our narrative theme we have retold many pirate stories, recapping on the ‘who’, ‘where’, and ‘when’ elements and exploring ‘what happened next’ in each one. The children have benefitted hugely from our narrative work this year and their communication and language skills have progressed so well.

We have again talked about our journey into reception next year or what nursery will look like for the remaining children, which has been great and all the children seem rather excited for September. We have talked about all the amazing things we have achieved over the year, what we will miss, what we are looking forward to and what we will be doing over the summer holidays!