Nursery – The Little Red Hen

The traditional tale of ‘The Little Red Hen’ has been our focus text this week. In the story, the Little Red Hen finds a grain on the floor and decides to plant it. She plants the grain, grows some tall wheat, which she harvests and takes to the mill to be ground into flour and finally kneads dough and bakes bread! Throughout the story, she asks her friends (the other animals) to help her with the break making process but they all refuse to help, until it is time to eat the bread when they all greedily offer to help! The Little Red Hen however decides not to share as they wouldn’t help her make it and she eats it all by herself! The next time the other animals are much more helpful and they make and eat bread altogether.

Our ‘what happened next’ narrative theme continued and we were able to remember the whole process of making bread, which was handy as we made our own bread on Tuesday to eat for our snack! It was delicious just like the loaf the Little Red Hen baked! To add to our repertoire of Makaton signs we have learnt ‘bread’, ‘red’ and revisited ‘hen’ this week.

The beans we planted last week we have been observing carefully and we are seeing some changes in them, perhaps your child can share with you what is happening to them!

This week we celebrated ‘healthy eating week’. We had some of the Year 6 children join us each morning to lead a morning workout, which was rather fun and energetic! We have been looking at different ways to be healthy including the ‘5-a-day’ initiative for increasing fruit and vegetables in our diet, the importance of drinking enough water (especially in the hot weather) as well as much more.

Have a look at the attached home learning (for the week beginning 20th June) to find some fun activities that link to each area of your child’s learning. We would love to hear from you about your child’s home learning. Please could you email these to us at: