The Naughty Bus

We have had a busy week working with the fantastic story ‘The Naughty Bus’. This book is always well received by the children; causing much excitement and conversation. The children have all been very eager to see what our mini London bus gets up to in school. He has hidden on top of the clock, in the pom-pom jar and inside people’s lunch boxes.

We have talked about London and the different landmarks you might see. The children have loved creating their own cities using small world toys and then drawing maps to show the way around.

In the story, The Naughty Bus gets too close to the water’s edge and then he sinks in the pond! We have explored how we can make different objects float and sink.

We also have been learning how to make our vocabulary grow by using different words for ‘naughty’. We have used: misbehaving, unruly and mischievous.

Please have a look at the Home Learning that has been attached to find some fun activities that link to each area of your child’s learning. We would love to hear from you about your child’s home learning. Please could you email these to us at:

A few notes:

  • We would love to receive any recyclable material for our junk modelling station. These can include cardboard boxes, cleaned out yoghurt pots or plastic containers. Please can we ask that anything that contained nuts does not come in due to allergies, thank you.
  • If you have any uniform that has become too small for your children, then we would greatly appreciate any donations for our spare clothes boxes.