Fun in Year 5…

In French we have been learning about sundaes (ice-cream), we have also been learning about ordering at the café/restaurant. We have also focused on grammar and spelling. We have been learning to say some sentences about ordering in French. We have been listening to a French song and learning how to say different dinners.

Connor & Alex, 5LS

In Science, we have been learning about physical and chemical changes. For example, melting a lolly and freezing it again is called a reversible change. An irreversible change is baking a cake. Also, we have learnt about Marie Curie, who was a famous chemist.

Spohia and Molly, 5LS

In maths, we are subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, which are easy when you get the hang of them! We were also adding fractions and mixed numbers. For example, 1 1/3 + 2 8/5. You would have to make a common denominator before answering by converting one of the fractions into an equivalent fraction.

Pollyanna & Albie, 5GT

In PE, we have been doing hockey and dance. We really enjoyed playing a game in hockey where we had to grab a tag from another person to help us with our speed and turning direction quickly. In hockey, we have also been passing a ball to each other and using the block tackle. In dance, we have been trying to learn a dance routine for the song ‘Believer’. Each lesson we’ve learnt more moves, including the switch jump and leaping, then have been applying these to the routine.

Finley and Maisie. E, 5MW