Nursery: week 3 (w/c 16th January 2023)

This week in Nursery…

  • We have focused on identifying the /d/ sound at the beginning of words (e.g. duck, den, door), as well as at the beginning of children’s names.  Linked to words beginning with /d/, we have continued to develop our vocabulary with Yakka Dee (cBeebies).

In small group time, we have been playing a variety of blending games with words, where the adult sound talks a word and the children work out what the word is by blending the sounds together e.g. d-e-n = den. We have also enjoyed a variety of stories.

  • We continue to develop our fine motor skills and this term, will focus on enabling the children to use a pencil and scissors, cutlery, and manage fastenings effectively, as well as develop pre-writing skills.

When developing gross motor skills, the children have been focusing on their upper and lower body strength. They have also enjoyed parachute games and riding/balancing on the wheeled toys.

  • In our small group circle time session (linked to ‘Dreams and Goals’), we shared the story of ‘The Hare & the Tortoise’, on the theme of never giving up until you have reached your goal. We talked about how the tortoise never gave up until achieving what she wanted to do and thought about times when we haven’t given up but kept on trying.


  • The children will be making jam tarts to eat in school next week. The ingredients we will be using are:
  • self-raising flour
  • raspberry jam
  • dairy free margarine.

Please let us know if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients listed above. 

From the Nursery Team ?