Year 2 Learning w/c 16th January

In writing this week, we have been writing our class stories based on Augustus and his Smile. We changed the story and wrote about a lion who lost their roar. The children are also working hard on their handwriting which we are currently learning. We are also working on remembering our punctuation as well as using expanded noun phrases!

In maths, we have been working out amounts of money using notes and coins. We are also making the same amount using different combinations of coins. I wonder if your child can show you different coin combinations to make the same amount at home?

In science, we have been thinking about how some materials can be changed by being squashed, twisted, bent or stretched. The children experiemented and showed this using playdough. Can you find anything at home that can be squashed, twisted etc?

We hope you have a great weekend – The Year 2 team.