A special visitor!

On Thursday, Year 3/4 were very excited to welcome special visitor PC Ben Davis from the Devon and Cornwall police to our school. Ben visited each of our 3/4 classrooms throughout the day to talk to the children about what the police do and to teach them about how to stay safe near roads as well as online. The children prepared lots of super questions for Ben, including:

– What inspired you to be a police officer? – Have you ever arrested anyone?
– Is your job hard sometimes?             – How long have you been in the police?
– Do you like doughnuts?!                                                            

 The children thoroughly enjoyed asking these questions and learned lots about what it is like to be a police officer.

After asking lots of questions, each class was lucky enough to have a close up look at a real police car and some police equipment. We had lots of fun trying on different hats and seeing the flashing blue lights! To finish the day, we enjoyed different police themed activities back in the classroom and discussed our favourite bits of the visit.