Year 5 last week…

We have enjoyed Topic because we have been learning about Freiburg. Freiburg is very sustainable because they have banned cars and only use buses. This is sustainable because most cars are toxic due to the CO2 that the cars produce. Freiburg is located in Southern Germany, on the the boarder of France and Switzerland.

Riley and Ayson, 5LS

In English, we’re writing to Ben Bradshaw about the environment and asking about ways that he can help fix it. We have to try and use formal language because we’re writing to an MP and this tone will make him listen. Some of the features we are trying to use are: list of three; rhetorical questions; emotive language; subject-specific vocabulary about the environment; relative clauses. I like writing letters to people so I am enjoying this topic!


We have learnt about online safety during our PSHCE lesson. We learnt to never talk to strangers, block bullies, stay within our age limit online and the most important: never give private information about ourselves. We know not to speak to a stranger because there is a danger that it could be an adult pretending to be a child so we have to be careful. We also learnt about being in an online community, for example XBox, where you can enjoy playing with friends online who have the same interests as you.

Dexter and Alfie, 5MW