Year 5 news!

I have really enjoyed making poems in English. I really liked  making a fire simile poem in English. Have a read below! George

Fire is…

As consuming as a grim reaper devouring a soul.#

As raging as a villainous devil locking on its target.

As omnipotent as a God using their power for evil.

As menacing as a lion ripping into its prey

As quick as a bullet piercing through your skin.

This week, I liked learning about the parts of a guitar. We even got to design our own guitar and label it – take a look at mine! Alessia

In Maths, we have been learning how to use grid multiplication (which I’m awesome at) and some short multiplication. My times tables have gotten way better and I’m moving up on SPARX! Charlie

I liked PE this week because we got to do lots of fitness work and stretches. I enjoyed the Pirate game as the best warm up because it was competitive and there were lots of different and instructions and moves to remember! Darcey