RE Visitor & Iron Man Art

This week, we were lucky enough in Year 4 to have a visitor come into school to talk to us more about our recent learning in RE. Sally from ICE spoke to the children all about the Pentecost, discussing why Christians celebrate it, what events happened, and all about what the Holy Spirit represents for Christians. We talked about how different people at the time might have felt about the messages Jesus gave, and all the children were really engaged and gave lots of fantastic answers to all of her questions, sharing how much they know about Christianity and the Pentecost. Some children even got up and acted out one of the Bible stories, whilst others played a game to show what different characteristics Christians believe the Holy Spirit helps us with and why these are important. All in all, it was a great morning that really helped to develop our understanding of the Pentecost.

We have also been finishing off our Iron Man topic by producing some chalk drawings of the Iron Man.