This week in Year 5

It has been a busy week of working in Year 5, with each class beginning new Science topics focused on animals (including humans), as well as orienteering in PE – the balloon challenge had many of us in stitches! In addition, the children have now completed their History topic focused on the Middle East, writing essays focused on whether there will ever be peace in this region. Using our topic booklets, we have explored the rise of the Ottoman Empire, the impact of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and how the country of Israel came to be. Whilst a controversial and challenging topic, we have been so impressed with the mature responses and engagement that the children have shown.

There has also been fantastic setting description writing being produced in English! Below are just a few quality examples:

As I reached the summit, the sun guarded me. A protector, a guardian, a god. If only this would never end. William

The unwelcoming skyscraper stood in silence as I slowly made my way towards its peak. The imposing setting echoed with the muttering of stars above. Maia

No stars glistened under the threat of the furious sky that had so recently been alight in an array of colours. Rocks – fossil grey and jagged – darted in and out of the flickers of light that were surrendering to the abyss of darkness looming ahead. Daniel.

Tranquil clouds, as soft as a pillow, stretched across the horizon as Billy set sail on his journey. Dancing across the sheet of glass was a tropical swirl of colour, tasting of happiness and leaving a trail of light and joy on the path ahead. Courtney

The excitement is certainly building in Year 5 for our upcoming Grenville residential! Thank you to everyone who has already completed the permission and medical slips – it is really useful to have this key information with good time before the trip to make any adjustments. Please do contact the Year 5 team or the office if there is anything that we can do to support you to complete these.

Have a lovely weekend! Year 5