This week in Year 5…

This week in Science, we have been learning about different animal life cycles. We learnt that both complete and incomplete metamorphosis start at the egg stage but complete metamorphosis has four stages and incomplete metamorphosis has three. I really enjoyed learning about animals as we don’t normally talk about like butterflies, sea turtles and locusts. Butterflies are an example of an animal that goes through complete metamorphosis. They start as an egg, then they become a larva, where they eat ravenously so they can develop into the next stage. This is when they become a chrysalis and finally, after some weeks they moult their chrysalis and become a butterfly. Locusts are an example of an animal that goes through incomplete metamorphosis. They also start as an egg and then develop to become a nymph, which is a miniature version of its adult form. To become an adult, a nymph moults its skin five times, each time becoming larger.  

Courtney C 5GT

We have enjoyed learning how to add and subtract decimals. Also, we enjoyed column addition, which was our favourite. Here is an example…

0.47 + 0.27 = 0.74

Kayla and Lexxi 5LS

In English for a while we have been learning about workhouses and thinking about our opinions of them. Workhouses were around in the Victorian era. However, it wasn’t actually based on our opinions, it’s actually based on everyone’s opinion. We were doing for and against arguments and we were writing in 3rd person. I worked hard to remember to include full stops and capital letters.

Lucas B 5MW

In English this week we have learnt about workhouses, the conditions there and whether children should or shouldn’t have been put in workhouses. A workhouse is a place where children with no parents went to do chores for food and water. As well as somewhere to sleep but sometimes they’d have to share a bed with 3 others!

Daniel G 5MW