What a busy first week in Year 1!

Welcome to the Year 1 blog! Firstly we want to say a big thank you to all the children as they have settled into their new classes both quickly and positively.

It has been a very busy first week. We started reminding ourselves about the school rules and why we needed to follow them. In maths we have been sorting and grouping objects, followed by counting on from different numbers up to 10.

In Science this half term we are looking at ‘Seasonal changes’. We have drawn what we already know about the seasons. Some children have already noticed some of the changes from Summer to Autumn happening.

Geography this half term is all about the UK. We have labelled maps of the UK, including capital cities. The children also enjoyed making flags for each of the UK countries.

Portraits were completed in Art this week. The children studied their faces closely and, using lines to help them, carefully drew themselves.

As you can see, it has been a busy week and some of your children may be quite tired. Early nights and cuddles may be needed!

For home learning and any messages, have a look at the home learning blog this week.