Year 5 this week and information for next week!

Red Badge Treat

In Year 5 we will be watching a film for our red badge treat. This will be held on Thursday 15th December and the children are welcome to bring in pajamas to wear whilst we watch the film. Please be aware that the children won’t be able to bring in snacks due to allergies within our year group.

Carols on the Playground

We welcome you to watch our Christmas Carols, which will be held straight after school on Thursday 15th December. The children have been busy practicing and are excited to share their hard work with you, whilst spreading some Christmas cheer!

This week in Year 5

We have enjoyed writing narratives in English. This week we have been designing our own and we have been given different options of settings to describe. In D&T, we have been planning to make spaghetti bolognaise in different groups. So far we have learnt about a healthy, balanced diet, recipes and designing our own sauce label. In our history lessons about Benin Kingdom, we had a debate about whether Benin’s artwork should be returned to Nigeria or stay in the UK. We have also thought about what would happen if trees didn’t exist and how it would effect us. In RE, we have been thinking about how the world was created and if we believe it was science or God’s doing.

Amelia & Parker, 5LS

We have enjoyed writing a narrative story about a rainforest in 1st person and using show, not tell. In reading, we have been looking at a picture book called ‘The Wolves in the Walls’, which was fun and different. Our class book at the moment is ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. It’s about a boy called Tom who spends time in a garden next to his aunt and uncle’s flat (which they don’t know about). He meets a girl called Hatty and they have had an argument in the garden because they think each other are ghosts because no-one can see Tom in the garden but Hatty. We’re excited to find out what’s going to happen next!

Max & Sienna, 5MW

In RE, we have been understanding the importance of the 5 Pillars of Islam and pilgrimage (hajj) to Muslims. In maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions. It was fun but we did have to remember several steps to get the the right answer! In English, we have been writing a piece of a narrative based in the rainforest, using our senses to describe what we experience.

Olly & Leila, 5GT