Year 5’s Handball Tournament…

It was a great day to play handball because it was sunny and warm. However, we did get very sweaty! It was all worth it because we got to meet new people and play many matches. Winning the competition with my team made me feel very proud it was lovely to work with people across the year group.

Ava 5GT

What I liked about the handball tournament is that we were against another school as it was quite a challenge. Additionally, everyone played fairly. Furthermore, I met lots of different people and learnt lots of new skills. Also, we had to do a walk back to school but at least we were being healthy and getting our exercise.

Daisy 5LS

The whole experience was very fun. The trip, playing handball at West Exe then walking back. I liked playing on a team and using different strategies. I really enjoyed it because I experienced teamwork, problem solving, winning and sometimes failure.

Blossom 5MW