Nursery – week 2

The nursery children have had a fantastic and very busy week! They have continued to enjoy opportunities to explore the nursery, as well as the wider setting and are settling into routines really well. 

Each day, in addition to their free flow, independent learning time, the children have been getting fully involved in small group activities, which have focused on different areas of learning.  These activities have provided lots of opportunities to:

  • Develop their listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment; for example, they enjoyed going on a listening walk with Mrs Edworthy (- communication, language & literacy)
  • Focus on walking in different directions and to a variety of speeds; for example, on Tuesday they focused on walking backwards with Mrs Maloney, whilst looking over their shoulder! It was a tricky thing to do, but they did brilliantly! (- physical development: gross motor)
  • Develop their fine motor control; for example, using their hands to feel an object in a feely bag and name it without looking, with Mrs Satterly (- physical development: fine motor)
  • Find and match objects that are the same; for example, the children went on a bear hunt to find matching bears with Miss Mills (- mathematics)
  • Explore making marks on paper using wax crayons with Mrs Saunders (- physical development and art)
  • Listen to the story of the week, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The children enjoyed listening to the different character voices and joining in with the repeated phrases, with Miss Bradbury (- communication, language & literacy).

Thinking ahead to next week, we have lots of lovely things planned for our learning but in the meantime, we – the nursery team – wish all our families a lovely weekend.