Nursery: week 3

Wow!  This week seems to have flown by!

The children have been taking part in lots of different independent and adult-led activities, which have provided them with plenty of lovely opportunities to:

  • Continue to develop their listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment; this week, the children have also tried hard to remember the sounds they hear.  For example, Mrs Saunders had a box of noisy objects, which they listened to; they then had to try and work out what objects were making the sounds.  Then on Thursday, Mrs Maloney led an activity where the children had to describe a farmyard animal (without saying its name); the rest of the group then had to find the animal being described (- communication, language & literacy).
  • Enjoy listening to stories, including ‘So Much’ by Trish Cooke – a lovely story about a family’s celebration and love for each other, captured through beautiful illustrations and a great text, which has a wonderful sing-song rhythm when read aloud (- communication, language & literacy).
  • Sort collections of objects that are the same – for this we have mainly sorted objects by colour; for example, the children sorted an assortment of buttons by colour, with Mrs Satterly (– mathematics).
  • Continue to develop their fine motor control; for example, with Mrs Edworthy’s support, the children practised throwing a bean bag into a hoop, from a distance, whilst kneeling on one knee! (- physical development).
  • Develop their spatial awareness – specifically, the children have been learning how to find a ‘good’ space in the hall, and in that space, create small and large body shapes, with Miss Mills and Miss Bradbury.  They have also been travelling over, under and through a variety of objects, in response to the story ‘Bears in the Night’ (– physical development).

Next week, the children will have their first nursery library session, when they will have an opportunity to choose a book to borrow and bring home to share with you. 

  • Please look out for an information leaflet that will include details about when your child’s library session will be and when their book needs to be returned; we will send this information home with your child’s first library book. 
  • If your child has a book bag, please ensure it is brought into school on their first nursery session next week.

Also, if you are able to contribute a box of tissues, we would be most grateful, as at this time of year we get through a lot!

Wishing all our nursery families a lovely weekend,

From the Nursery Team ?