Parental Partnership

The partnership, which exists between the school and parents, is highly valued.


The development of your child’s education can be determined by the realisation that where parents are closely involved and fully informed about their child’s education, there is a greater likelihood of children succeeding and gaining their full potential.


All parents and children are requested to sign the Home-school Agreement.


There are generally three formal occasions when the school invites parental involvement in their child’s learning progress. Attendance to the parents interviews being seen as the minimal involvement. They are:



An interview with your child’s class teacher in October to share any concerns, to establish how your child has settled into their new year group and to discuss their attitude to learning and behaviour.



A three-way interview between teacher-child-parent in February or March, when the discussion will concentrate on their targets, progress to date and expectations.

A written report on your child’s progress in all National Curriculum subjects to which you are asked to give a written response.


During the year, the school organises ‘Open Evening’ events so parents, whether current or prospective, can discover for themselves what the children are involved in at school.


It is hoped that parents will feel comfortable about contacting their child’s teacher if there are any concerns or worries.  Always in the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher, preferably at the end of the day (after 3:20 p.m.)  If concerns are not resolved, please make an appointment to meet with the Deputy Head or the Headteacher.


Other ways you can help…


We are always pleased to receive useful things to use e.g. yoghurt pots, egg boxes, material, wood, small cardboard boxes.


Do get involved with the school P.T.A. It is a good way to make friends and support the school.


Please let us know if you have, or know anyone that has contacts that could provide us with off cuts of unused, plain card, paper or other stationery items.