Reception week beginning 11th September

We have had a wonderful, full and busy week in the Early Years.

In Phonics, we have started learning the sounds: s,a,t and p. In Mathematics, the children have shown their amazing skills at subitising amounts to 3 and showing the amounts on their fingers.

During our Art session, we have been learning how to use wax crayons and have explored making thin, thick, straight and curved marks onto paper. The children really enjoyed their music session where they used their voices to make a variety of sounds such as high and low.

A few reminders:

  • Please could you check that your child’s uniform, drink bottles and any bags are named.
  • The junk modelling station is really popular and we would be very grateful for any donations of recyclable material that you may have at home. Due to allergies, we ask that no products that contained nuts come into school.
  • We are approaching that time of year where we all have lots of sniffles. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate a donation of a box of tissues.

Thank you!

Have a great weekend – The Foundation Stage Team