My Child at School

Here at Exwick Heights Primary School, we use an operating system called My Child at School (MCAS) for all of our electronic communications between school and home. This will include school newsletters and emails about forthcoming events, such as school trips and school discos, as well as any text messages that we may need to send out from time to time.


Emails/text messages will only be sent to the email address/mobile number provided by you for the 1st priority contact for your child. If you need more than one parent/carer to receive all such messages, please let the office staff know so that they can make sure this happens.


Bookings and payments (including school lunches)


We are a cashless school; as such, we use an app called My Child at School (MCAS), which is included within the ‘Bromcom’ suite. This app allows us to let you know what is available to be booked and paid for, that relates to your child.


All school lunches must to be booked, and paid for (unless your child is entitled to free school meals), via MCAS. The daily meal options will be visible until 8.50am each day and will include all allergy information. This way you can be sure that the meal you book for your child is safe for them to eat. If you forget to order lunch or have missed the cut off time, please contact the school office so that they can make the booking for you.


We also use the app to collect consent and payments for items such as school trips, cooking money, class photos, and all ‘school led’ after school sport and activity clubs that maybe organised during each term.


Once your child has started at the school, you will receive an email from This email will include your invitation to sign up to MCAS. You will need to download the app and follow the instructions to finish setting up your account. Please contact the school if you need help with this.