The STARS Approach

At Exwick Heights we are using an intervention called STARS to support children’s Social and Emotional Development alongside classroom interventions. The school currently has 3 members of staff who work individually or in small groups with pupils across the school.


The STARS intervention is based on the thrive approach which draws on the latest research – from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development – in order t help adults understand children’s behaviour as communication.


With the intervention provided by a key adult STARS can:

  • help a child get ready to learn

  • enhance their learning

  • build positive relationships between a child and his/her peers

  • improve attainment


STARS supports children and young people to:

  • feel good about themselves

  • know that they matter

  • become more resilient and resourceful

  • form trusting, rewarding relationships

  • be creative

  • be compassionate and empathetic

  • be thoughtful and self-aware

  • be able to overcome difficulties and setbacks



If you would like any more information on STARS please contact the STARS coordinators Louise Phillips, 01392 209030