Year 2 Learning w/b 27.2.23

This week the children have visited the Mosque as part of their work on the Muslim faith in RE. The children were fantastic on the coach and listened well in the Prayer Hall. They learned about how many Muslims attend Friday prayer in the Mosque in Exeter, how Muslims wash before prayer and saw the Mihrab which shows the direction of Mecca. We also saw the dome and found out that before technology, that the dome helped the sound carry inside the Mosque. Many Mosques like Exeter, still have domes as they are traditional. The children also got the opportunity to sketch patterns and objects inside the Prayer Hall.

We have loved the excitement today of World Book Day. The outfits have been amazing and we will post pictures of this next week. We started the day with a parade of all the outfits in Year 2. The children have also done a selection of book activities. Your child will bring home a World Book Day voucher today which can be used to get a ‘free’ book (see or can be used to get a £1 off a full price book. Enjoy spending them!

Have a super weekend from the Year 2 Team.