Reception Spring week 10

One of the stories we enjoyed this week was called ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson. The story is about a butterfly who tries to help a little monkey find his mum. There is a lot of trial and error as the butterfly misunderstands monkey’s descriptions and leads him to all sorts of unsuitable animals.

  • In maths this week the children have continued to explore the composition of numbers within 10. The children compared and identified when 2 sets were equal or NOT equal. They saw a range of familiar representations including dice and fingers to explore the idea of ‘2 equal parts’, and then found the whole by combining these parts.
  • For letters and sounds the children have revisited the phase 3 sounds and the tricky words- no, of, to, into, she, he and we. Please refer to the phonics guidance in our home learning where you can access helpful videos to help your child practise at home. We have been ‘chunking’ up longer words e.g. ‘fan/tas/tic’ and ‘hel/met’ as well as reading words ending in ‘er’ e.g. ‘farmer’ and ‘shorter’.
  • The children have also enjoyed drawing detailed pictures and writing cards to celebrate their mum or a special person they are thankful for and who look after them.

A request:

We are collecting recycled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally, we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots, kitchen rolls (no toilet rolls please) and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school.  Please could the items be brought in a bag. Thank you

Have a great weekend – The Foundation Stage Team